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LancerJiva wrote: »
Furthermore I forgot to add @Spacecats if things weren't changed or touched, then can you explain why Lakan's Scales are in there when they weren't before? You said twice now that things weren't touched when players have posted getting them, including myself.

What he's referring to are the probabilities for the loot table (which I set up). Yes, the Tier 11 mats were swapped out for the Tier 12 mats, but that is literally the only change made. It is the same table that we have used since I began my tenure here. The Tier 12 mats were intended to be rare drops (and they are). Most of the time, you will earn dragon scales or feedstock.
Fleett wrote: »
You're telling us that all of a sudden the whole TERA playerbase had a luck change? lol

Nobody's really saying what kind of loot they were getting before, just that they aren't happy with what they're getting now. Threads like this are always a callout for people who think they aren't getting enough loot. I'm not saying the loot shouldn't or couldn't be better, but believe me that the settings have gone completely untouched. The chances of each item appearing in the jackpot is the same as it was during all of May and the start of June. They just swapped Handkerchiefs, Envys, and Hypnos with Banners, Badges, and Talismans when the new armor set came out.

I'll suggest to the TERA product team that the rewards be increased from what they have been. If PvPers don't feel like they're being rewarded for their time in BGs, it's definitely something that should be looked at.
The loot tables haven't been nerfed or changed in any way. They're the same as when they were set up. I'm afraid the only thing that's changed is your luck :/
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