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I found the cause!


I scrolled past too quickly and thought it was a hairy fried egg :p
Selenya wrote: »
Extend the event please @Spacecats :(

It had less than 8 minutes left. I know that's not the ideal way to end an event like this, but I don't think it's worth running again until we do a little investigating internally. Hopefully you guys still had some fun and landed yourselves some extra loot this morning.
Merged multiple threads about this topic. Please see the forum announcement regarding the server outages. We're aware and working to get servers back online. Sorry for the inconvenience and please try not to create duplicate threads.

Today's BAM spawn was kind of a trial run and we were monitoring server activity closely in case something like this happened. Looks like the trial wasn't a pass. Thankfully when servers started going down, the hour-long event had almost reached completion. We're going to be investigating the outages to try and determine why they crashed during this invasion event and how we can avoid it in the future (while still running events like this).
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