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JXE5356AKE wrote: »
How is this different that some of the stuff spewed and spammed on global and other chat channels?

Customer support gets plenty of tasks thanks to harassment and inappropriate behavior in global chat. That doesn't really do much to help the case for providing more ways to harass.
Just request a dungeon only version of the item at least.

That's an interesting idea I can forward to the rest of the team, but it would definitely require development work in order to make it possible.
Zoknahal wrote: »
Sure, there are lots of airheads in NA that will meme their way up with the signs and troll with the fireworks, but only for the first few days. If left alone, these people will soon stop.

Sorry Zoknahal but I have to disagree there. There are signs left over in people's inventories from years back, and we still see them used in borderline ways to meme and tease others. Reintroducing them to thousands of players wouldn't just cause a one-time surge of support tickets. It would cause a huge surge followed by a continuous trickle of contacts, permanently increasing workload. I WANT TO BELIEVE, but in the world of MMOs the trolls will never get bored of trolling, harassment will always be a factor, and the analytics we use to measure our support process agree with that.
Both signs and dragon fireworks have the potential to cause Customer Support tickets. Dragon fireworks still have the potential to cause major lag if abused by players (until a GM is assigned to come in and fix it).

Signs will always contain negative things, no matter what word filters are put in place. They also have a high potential to create Customer Support tickets. Players use them to attack each other, other guilds, or the game itself. It doesn't make any difference that the creator's name is displayed above the sign. It's still work for the support crew to come in, remove the sign, and dole out any necessary punishment to the one abusing the feature.

Causing support tickets isn't exactly the end of the world, and you might be thinking "okay big deal, a few tickets happen," but the workload is surprising. It's a big deal for us when there are players out there waiting to have important tickets answered. The simplest fix is to remove the signs, and while obviously some people miss having them and have good intentions for using them, removing them doesn't negatively affect any game mechanics. btw this is the same reason we never allow players to use the megaphone.

It's totally a "this is why we can't have nice things" scenario, but unfortunately that's the reality.
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