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DYLW5HFXJH wrote: »

Lastly, v56 is already on ktera, right? Is there ANY POSSIBLE way you'd be able to get a move list early, especially at request for brawler specifically? I hate to be greedy about this but as I mentioned in a previous post, this is game breaking for me, it kills my entire rotation, especially when the two premiere bosses at the moment are Darkan and Imp, two bosses that use a wide swing where I'm right now instead of dpsing, just avoiding, because I'm in the middle of 'do I learn how to do this the new way, or is this just going to make me worse later'?

We have asked for the list, but I'm certain it will need to be translated and checked against our names first. It probably will not be released any sooner than with the patch notes. Sorry.
SageWindu wrote: »
Yup. I've had the same issue for months. Here's another thing: depending on where it is on the hotbar, the "freeze" is notably better or worse. Why that is the case is anyone's guess.

Thank you for the update. I know that we are few in number, but it seems odd how that detail would not be relayed to the rest of us, especially with, you know, a console release being slated for later this year and - now I could be wrong here - I'd hazard a guess that approx. 95% of console users play with a controller of some kind.

That sounded saltier than intended. Thank you for the update all the same, seriously.

You're welcome. I'm sorry it took a while to get back to you.
I’m sorry it took so long to research this issue. Here’s what we found.

Removing the ability to set skills to camera-facing or character-facing is not a bug. BHS intentionally made the change in v54, but didn’t communicate that with us. They also removed the UI elements in v55, also by design. We have expressed your concerns about this matter and emphasized that loss of functionality was a real problem for our controller-using playerbase.

BHS explained that starting in the next build version (v56), some skills will be camera-facing and others character-facing, but we will not be able to configure them. We will publish a list of these skills when we launch v56.
Tenshi1 wrote: »
@Spacecats @Halrath any answers?

I'd love to finally be able to pvp with my valk (And be decent with her)

I spoke with BHS about this issue, but there are no answers as of yet. They're looking into it. As soon as we have something concrete, I'll update you. Sorry.
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