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Hey Everyone,

Thank you all for your opinions and feedback on this. I'll be back next week with a final solution. For those of you who are wondering about the details on what happens to characters, banks, etc... we will have a FAQ up on this sometime in August. I am closing this thread in the meantime because it has run its course.

Eiiji wrote: »
Let's put this PvP, PvE thing to a side and think about it again. Let's say EME merged these three servers into one. We are already considering HW as a dead server, and those other two servers are in worse condition than HW, then how this server merge will make anyone happy actually? In one month, if not longer, people will again start to complain about the emptiness and lack of LFGs, end game dungeon runs in this new server, I really can see it from now. This server merge won't create anything but only another dead server.

Not really. All separate, they need help, but if you combine them together, it's a pretty decent size server that can rival the rest. It's like Voltron.
Just a reminder to keep the discussion constructive and on topic.
JasonLucas wrote: »
Why don't open a free server transfer to TR, MT and CH and make these the only Tera servers? I don't understand the necessity of have 7 servers, crusades are going away and there is a new big GvG content coming soon, also makes more sense have everyone together in a MMO.

For the names, just clean up these 3 servers for anyone who hasn't logged in for a 1 year or older.

Because while many will transfer a lot won't and then it's even worse.
Tsukiyo358 wrote: »
How about merging the two PvE servers together and doing the same with the PvP Servers?

The reason for not touching the other servers, like it was stated in the original post, is because it also requires the users on those servers to go through the name conflicts, and thats unnecessary for them. We can't just add LT and VT to MT, it would basically be a new server with MT+LT+VT.

I'm crying rn

For players who chose a PVE server, open world PvP can be distressing even if only at 65.

Our suggestion:
Players at 65 can opt into pvp or neutral, which would be permanent to the character. PvP can PK others and get PKed. Neutral would be immune to this but cannot PK others. There would be some indicator like outlaw that shows who's a PvPer and who's neutral.

I understand where your coming from, but in my experience on MT, this hasn't really been the case. I've wandered the lands incognito and even idled in PK zones and come back after hours without coming back dead. But maybe i'm lucky and an outlier?
3XLLEHEF6N wrote: »
yea how would names be handled anyways
Stricera wrote: »
What about names

we'll discuss that after this is settled.
If you are playing on Highwatch (HW), Lake of Tears (LT), or Valley of Titans (VT), I’d like to discuss a potential server merge of these three servers. Please note, this is a discussion about WHAT should be merged, not HOW they get merged or how name conflicts will be handled. Those questions will be answered in time.

The purpose of a merge is to provide a better environment for players on these servers. Merging can promote a better economy, as well as end-game support for all players on these servers. I know the Instance Matching queues are across all servers, but I also realize many of you would prefer to do the matching yourselves within your server. Right now, we know we want to merge LT and VT together. The tougher aspect would be what to do about Highwatch. Population wise, Highwatch is in a pretty good place, however when listening to player feedback and looking deeper at the end-game, it looks like it could also use a boost.

One possible solution for this all would be to combine HW, LT, and VT into a new server that allows open world PvP only at max level. With HW being a PvE server, and LT/VT being PvP servers, this presents a tricky situation, and a PvP at 65 only server is a possible solution to this. Now, I also realize that this either brings the best of both worlds or the worst of both worlds, so it hasn’t been an easy choice. The Player Council favors this decision, but it also occurs to me there aren’t a large body of HW/LT/VT players on the council to offer their opinions. This is why I’m bringing this to the general forums, so I can get broader feedback. Please note that this is *not* in stone yet, and the purpose of this is to discuss it.

Let me go into some reasons why I think this could work. First, a PvP65 server takes away most of the worst aspects of a PvP server, namely the heavy low-level griefing that comes with it. Also since most actual PvP either takes place in an instance, or at level 65, we would still be providing ample PvP experience for the PvP players. Second, this would be a unique server set that would possibly allow more players to experience a PvP server without the griefing that takes place during leveling.

A last bit of info. If you’ve noticed, the other servers are not in consideration for a server merge. Their populations are healthy, and there’s no need to do anything with them. For any servers involved in a merge, it means the entire server gets disrupted, since merging creates a brand new server, not adding a server to an existing one.

Thanks for reading! Please offer your feedback and thoughts in this thread constructively.

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