New Dungeons
( a solo instanced series for Apex questline )
Journey with gods through their darkest hour to unlock your Apex skills.

  • Velika Banquet—set in the public square outside Valkyon Federation Headquarters, consisting of a series of minor “activity” events linked by quest steps;
  • Ruined Velika Banquet - set in the destroyed public square outside Valkyon Federation Headquarters, consisting of “rescue” mini-missions, and culminating in being sent back three days into the past;
  • Unnamed “Dungeon” - takes the player from Elenea to Fyrmount, and spells out how the dragons were able to organize and attack Velika in large numbers.
  • Dragon’s Landing - a solo instance set along the Veil (the wall between worlds), contains almost the boss fight with Khemadia;
  • Soulscape - the player’s “inner abyss,” where players battles manifestations of their temper, self-doubt, and guilt in order to unlock Apex skills;
  • Velika Banquet Redux - the denouement of the storyline; the player replays the Velika Banquet, but this time with a happier ending.

    • Khemadia (aka, the Black Dragon, the “Master of the Darkened”)

Apex Skills Quest Line
For seven classes ( Lancer, Warrior, Brawler, Berserker, Slayer, Mystic, Priest ) with item level of 439 or above, unlocking their Apex skills requires completing a solo quest line available at level 65. The player is also rewarded with glyph points to spend on the new skills.
  • Velika Banquet - calls upon the player to attend a banquet in Velika, celebrating the federation’s victory over Lakan. After meeting the dragon researcher Verdas, the player enters the banquet area and participates in several mini-quest “events.”
  • Uninvited Guests - the player sees Velika being destroyed by a host of dracoliths, helps to evacuate the city, and fights off a dracolith before being attacked by Khemadia. Mystel arrives and sends the player back to the recent past.
  • 72 Hours Earlier - the player investigates reports of dracoliths working together to besiege Elenea in the past.
  • Impending Doom - the player tries to convince Valkyon Federation officials to recall reinforcement troops from Elenea to Velika. (Note that this is an instanced version of Elenea; none of the usual functions - merchants, flights, etc. - are available, and players cannot accept or complete unrelated quests here.)
  • Following the Followers - teams the player up with Verdas to investigate Khemadia’s dragon army and his mortal minions. The player follows a minion to Fyrmount, then to another unknown destination. (Note that this is an instanced version of Fyrmount; none of the usual functions are available, and players cannot accept or complete unrelated quests here.)
  • The Storm Inside - the player reaches Dragon’s Landing - what appears to be a secret route through the Veil (the wall between the worlds). Here the player faces the Black Dragon and is sent to the Soulscape dungeon, where the player must defeat his/her personal demons (and acquire Apex skills).
    • Temper - pits the player against his/her various frustrations.
    • Self-Doubt - pits the player against his/her lack of confidence.
    • Guilt - pits the player against his/her sense of failure.
  • Awakened - returns to Dragon’s Landing, where the player uses the new Apex skills to defeat the Black Dragon. Then returns to Highwatch and receives a banquet invitation.
  • One More Time - relive the Velika Banquet—this time without a dragon attack.

Returning Players (players who return after 30 days or more)
Some returning players of the correct class, but not high enough item level, will see an Apex Mission quest item with their returning hero gear box. These Apex Missions are designed to get players to the 439 item level requirement for the Apex quest line.

Skill Changes
Reformatted skill tooltips of Berserker, Brawler, Lancer, Mystic, Priest, Slayer, and Warrior (all Apex classes).

Added Apex Urgency (active skill) to all Apex classes: Increased Movement Speed.

Added Potential (passive skill) to Archers, Sorcerers, Ninjas, Reapers, Valkyries, and Gunners of level 65: Increased damage to monsters

Many skills now have the subtypes Charge Skill, Rage Skill, or Unleashed Skill.

New Apex Skills :
  • Unleash - Sacrifice HP to activate Unleashed skills for 24 seconds. Unleashed skills do not cost MP, but instead sacrifice additional HP. All attacks are counted as attacks from the rear. You are immune to knockdown and stuns, and your HP will not go below 1 while the skill is active. When Unleash ends, you are “hit” with any accumulated damage.
  • Unleashed: Dexter - Attacks with the axe in your right hand. Each hit increases skill damage and attack speed, and also increases the skill damage of Unleashed: Rampage.
  • Unleashed: Sinister - Attacks with the axe in your left hand. Each hit increases skill damage and attack speed, and also decreases the cooldown of Unleashed: Beast Fury by 1 second.
  • Unleashed: Rampage - Attack with both axes. Each hit increases attack speed, and also increases the skill damage of Unleashed: Beast Fury.
  • Unleashed: Beast Fury - Charge forward and attack multiple times. Uses and consumes accumulated bonuses from other Unleashed skills.

Added passive Apex skills
  • Endless Rage - faster movement while charging a skill
  • Eye of the Storm - may reset cooldown of Cyclone
  • Bloodshed - increased chance to crit

Changed Skills
  • Intimidation bonus now also works on Axe Block I.
  • Flatten I-VIII now activate faster following Raze, Punishing Strike.
  • Flatten I-IX now activate faster following Overwhelm.
  • FieryRage III, IV and V no longer activate Flurry of Blows.
  • Leaping Strike no longer requires Merciless Leap to do additional damage to Knocked-Down foes. Merciless Leap still increases damage as before.
  • Vampiric Blow: Overcharging Lethal Strike no longer affects Vampiric Blow’s damage and healing.
  • Lethal Strike is no longer a charge skill, and no longer depends on low HP.
  • Tenacity, Mocking Shout, and Unchained Anger have been merged into the new skill: Triumphant Shout. Triumphant Shout recovers HP and MP, and also adds a stagger effect to players.
  • Evasive Smash no longer gains damage based on the level of the charging skill interrupted.
  • Raze now also activates faster following Combo Attack, Thunderstrike, and Cyclone.
  • Unbreakable is now an Unleashed skill (see Unleash, above).
  • Intimidation now also grants MP replenishment. And immunity to push-back from monsters, except for certain special attacks.

Many skills now have the subtypes Chained Skill or Rage Skill

New Apex Skills
  • Flying Kick - Leap 7m forward and deliver a spinning back kick. When used after other skills, Flying Kick moves you an additional 6m, and deals more damage. A successful hit reduces the cooldown of Rhythmic Blows by 10 seconds.
  • One-Inch Punch - Stuns an enemy, deals massive damage, and has a high probability of knockdown.
  • Rhythmic Blows - A flurry of punches ending with an uppercut to knock targets into the air.

Added passive Apex skills
  • Concentrate - each perfect defense increases damage to One-Inch Punch and Haymaker.
  • Self-control - increase damage when Rage is 75% or more.
  • Haymaker: Acceleration - Haymaker increases speed of One-Inch Punch.

Changed Skills
  • Punch added text: Successive strikes do more damage, up to four hits, with the fourth hit dealing substantially more.
  • Jackhammer reduces enemy endurance 1% upto 8% (instead of 1.5% upto 12%).
  • Rampage no longer says “Knocks monsters into the air (does not affect other players).”
  • Growing Fury increases size.
  • Carving Piledriver glyph doubles crit chance.
  • Divine Wrath consumes MP instead of Rage.

New Apex Skills
  • Super Leap - make a superheroic leap over enemies and smash the ground, knocking targets into the air.
  • Guardian Barrier - open a wide movable shield that reflects damage to protect you and allies.
  • Divine Protection - 10 second shield for you and allies.
  • Stand Fast II - Player can now move while blocking.

Added passive Apex skills
  • Stronghold Shift - stand fast is now movable
  • Retribution Shield - reflects damage on perfect defense
  • Unwavering - more resistance to push-back from monsters.

Changed Skills
  • Onslaught replaces 50% damage with frontal block effect.
  • Onslaught now casts faster when chained from Combo Attack, Shield Barrage, Shield Bash.
  • Challenging Shout‘s Unwavering “You are immune to push-back from monsters, except for certain special attacks.” is now a separate passive skill.
  • Challenging Shout range and targets increased.
  • Challenging Shout now adds a Chain Mark effect, for Chained Leash.
  • Chained Leash when used right after Challenging Shout, grabs all targets hit by the shout.
  • Guardian Shout reduced cooldown to 2 Minutes and removed Energetic Glyph.
  • Adrenaline Rush removed increasing Attack Speed effect.
  • Rallying Cry increased number of targets.
  • Shield Bash casts faster after Debilitate.
  • Shield Bash will queue during animation of other skills, regardless of chain.
  • Lockdown Blow casts faster after Shield Barrage or Debilitate.
  • Lockdown Blow will queue during animation of other skills, regardless of chain.
  • Spring Attack can chain from first hit of Shield Barrage or Lockdown Blow.
  • Wallop can chain from first hit of Shield Barrage or Lockdown Blow.
  • Carving Wallop now doubles Crit Chance.

  • Removed Menacing Wave.

Many skills now have the subtypes Healing Skill, Toggle Skill, or Summon Skill

Added Skill
  • Mass Teleport

Added Apex Skills
  • Summon: Thrall Lord - Summons a super thrall which deals damage to nearby enemies.
  • Thrall Augmentation - While activated, all summoned thralls grant beneficial effects to nearby allies.
    • Augmented Thrall of Protection: Grants a shield that absorbs 30000 HP for 12 seconds with immunity to knock-down and stagger while the shield is active. Costs additional 340 MP.
    • Augmented Thrall of Life: Removes harmful effects cast on nearby allies. For 5 seconds, increases Movement Speed in combat by 10, and heals 1.5% of maximum HP and replenishes 10% of maximum MP per second. Costs additional 700 MP.
    • Augmented Thrall of Vengeance: Increases Power by 15 for 12 seconds. Effect ends if knocked-down. Costs additional 700 MP.
    • Augmented Thrall of Wrath: Increases Crit Power by 0.6 times for 20 seconds. Effect ends if knocked-down. Costs additional 1000 MP.
  • Arunic Release - Explode all motes ahead of you. Arun's Vitae and Arun's Tears both apply HP recovery and MP replenishment to allies and deal damage to enemies.

  • Infusion Ring - The greater the number of targets who need MP restored, the less MP is given to each target.
  • Shara’s Lash - reduces movement speed on targets after stun effect ends.
  • Vow of Rebirth effect now lasts 10 minutes.
  • Warding Totem adds a shield effect for 10 sec. that absorbs 7,149 HP.
  • Warding Totem II now gives additional effect for 12 sec.: Arun’s Breath—Titanic Favor and Boomerang Pulse heal 15,000 more HP with each hit (up to 2).
  • Titanic Favor base healing decreased to 2,182 HP.
  • Boomerang Pulse base healing decreased to 1,951 HP.
  • Thrall of Protection cooldown is now 50 seconds.
  • Persistent Thrall of Life now has 20% chance to reset the cooldown.
  • Thrall of Wrath cooldown is now 5 min. Energetic Thrall of Wrath now changes cooldown to half of that.

  • Removed Titanic Wrath.
  • Removed Ancient Binding.
  • Removed Numbing Totem.
  • Removed Speed Totem.
  • Removed Assailing Totem.

Many skills now have the subtypes Healing Skill, Shield Skill, or Enhance Skill

Added Apex Skills
  • Mana Charge advances into Divine Charge - Replenishes MP, heals HP and increases power and crit power to group members.(Glyphs for Mana Charge apply to Divine Charge.)
  • Divine Intervention advances into Mass Divine Intervention - Teleport up to 4 allies to the priest. (Glyphs for Divine Intervention apply to Mass Divine Intervention.)
  • Holy Burst - Send a bolt forward that heals and adds Devoted Favor effect to allies. The bolt damages enemies. At end of the bolt’s range, it does additional healing and adds Enhanced Devoted Favor to allies
    • Devoted Favor - reduce damage taken 5%, heals 100 HP per second.
    • Enhanced Devoted Favor - immunity to knockdown, stagger, and stun, reduce damage taken 20% and heals 500 HP per sec.
  • Edict of Judgment - boosts group members’ power by 20 and crit factor by 30. Hits are counted as from the rear. Limits caster to only use Holy Burst and Divine Charge to heal. Boosts priest skills Holy Burst, Metamorphic Blast, Final Reprisal, Shocking Implosion, and Zenobia’s Vortex.

Added passive Apex skills
  • Protective Response (passive) - decreases cooldowns of several skills.
  • Expand the Flock - Increase number of targets to Divine Intervention.
  • Devoted Favor - adds protection to heals.

Changed Skills
  • Fiery Escape now chains to Healing Circle.
  • Blessing of Balder effects merged into Blessing of Shakan.
  • Metamorphic Blast hits now gain the caster Aura of Retribution effect that increases caster’s crit rate 1.5 times.
  • Focus Heal decreased base healing to 1219 HP.
  • Focus Heal now chains into Healing Circle.
  • Healing Circle MP cost increased, cooldown increased to 10 sec., decreased base healing to 3582.
  • When used after Focus Heal, Backstep, or Fiery Escape, Healing Circle casts 20% faster and heals 25% more.
  • Healing Circle VII also adds Devoted Favor effect onto Apex characters.
  • Shocking Implosion classified as “ranged” skill for crystal effects.
  • Final Reprisal classified as “ranged” skill for crystal effects.
  • Final Reprisal casts faster when used after Metamorphic Blast, Shocking Implosion, Triple Nemesis, or Zenobia’s Vortex.
  • Regeneration Circle decreased casting time, increased range, increase healing ticks to 308 HP every 2 sec.
  • Regeneration Circle IX also adds Devoted Favor effect onto Apex characters.
  • Healing Immersion decreased base healing to 3,149 HP.
  • Persistent Healing Immersion now has 50% chance to reset cooldown.
  • Spirited Regeneration Circle now adds 2% MP every tick.
  • Energetic Purifying Circle now reduces cooldown by 40%.

Removed Skills
  • Removed Slumber
  • Removed Mana Infusion
  • Removed Homeward Bound
  • Removed Blessing of Zenobia
  • Removed Prayer of Peace
  • Removed Blessing of Seren
  • Removed Blessing of Balder
  • Removed Fiery Escape level XI
  • Removed Triple Nemesis level X and XI
  • Removed Energy Stars V and VI

Many skills now have the subtypes Toggle skill or Charge Skill

Apex Skills
  • Punishing Blow - Leap into the air and slam your greatsword into the ground. Attack has a high chance of knockdown. Combos well with other high damage slayer skills.
  • Savage Strike - A massive one-two attack that changes subsequent attacks into back attacks for a few seconds. combos well with other high damage slayer skills.
  • Unsheathe - Charge up your greatsword for a devastating spin attack. Your swords gets larger with each level of charge.

Added passive Apex skills
  • Overhand Strike: Focus - increase Overhand Strike damage
  • Blade Master - speeds cooldowns of Punishing Blow and Unsheathe
  • Energy Rush - Boosts In Cold Blood

Changed Skills
  • Measured Slice increases damage by 30% against airborne enemies.
  • Overpower is now a toggle skill, giving extra damage to Heart Thrust, Knockdown Strike, and Punishing Blow.
  • Overhand Strike has 100% chance to crit airborne enemies.
  • Persistent Overhand Strike now has 70% chance to reset cooldown.
  • Empowered Whirlwind now increases damage by 10% for 4 sec.
  • Keen Knockdown Strike now doubles crit factor.
  • Eviscerate now knocks monsters up into the air. Players are still knocked down.

Removed Glyphs
  • Removed - Powerlinked Overpower
  • Removed - Keen Overpower
  • Removed - Keen Overpower

  • Balder’s Tears - now also recovers 67 Ragnarok points per second.

  • Many skills now have the subtypes Toggle Skill, Edge Skill, and/or Exploits Edge.

Apex Skills
  • Blade Waltz - A spinning attack that cuts through enemies.
  • Aerial Scythe - Leap into the air and initiate a spinning attack. Adds Edge, and does more damage depending on how many stacks are on a target. If you have 3 or more stacks, Aerial Scythe uses them all up. Can be used to interrupt another skill animation.
  • Blade Frenzy - A devastating spin attack that makes you temporarily immune to enemy attacks, and summons a shadow to attack alongside you.

Added passive Apex skills—
  • Tempest Aura - accelerates attack speed, after 50 hits, adds shadow attack to Tempest Aura or Deadly Gamble.
  • Ready Blades - decrease cooldowns for Scythe and Aerial Scythe.

Changed Skills
  • Rising Fury now mitigates 50% damage and reduces target’s Movement Speed by 50%.
  • Torrent of Blows generates maximum of 1 edge each use.
  • Vortex Slash now can cast without Evasive Roll.
  • Vortex Slash pulls in targets in 10m range
  • In Defensive Stance, Vortex Slash increases aggro generation.
  • Hastened Vortex Slash now increases casting by 30%.
  • Threatening Vortex Slash now generates 100% more aggro.
  • Energetic Vortex Slash now decreases cooldown by 30%.
  • Threatening Torrent of Blows effect increased to 40%.
  • Energetic Leaping Strike now decreases cooldown by 20%.
  • Hastened Leaping Strike now iIncreases casting by 20%.
  • Common Energetic Smoke Aggressor now reduces cooldown by 25%.
  • Persistent Blade Draw now has 60% chance to reset its cooldown.

Removed Skills (or levels of skills):
  • Removed Mangle
  • Removed Pounce
  • Removed Torrent of Blows IV to IX
  • Removed Battle Cry IV to IX
  • Removed Vortex Slash level VIII to XI
  • Removed Smoke Aggressor level III-IX
  • Removed Reaping Slash level IX
  • Removed Smoke Flanker III-IX
  • Removed uncommon glyph: Energetic Smoke Aggressor
  • Removed uncommon glyph: Threatening Torrent of Blows
  • Removed Persistent Vortex Slash


Reworked Locked Strongboxes
  • Renamed Locked Shadsteel Strongbox to Locked Fashion Strongbox and updated the loot table to focus on fashion. It will be the only Strongbox that drops while leveling 1–57.
  • 4 leveling strongboxes no longer drop, but ones in inventory share the same updated loot table as Fashion Strongbox.
    • Locked Krysteel Strongbox
    • Locked Linsteel Strongbox
    • Locked Norsteel Strongbox
    • Locked Shadsteel Strongbox
  • Renamed Locked Extensive Strongbox to Locked Entropic Strongbox and updated the contents.
  • Renamed Locked Spellbound Strongbox to Locked Gem Strongbox and updated the contents.

Added Noctenium Refiners to the Vanguard Initiative Quartermaster
  • Changed Uncommon Noctenium Refiner price to 400 credits.
  • Listed Rare Noctenium Refiner at 600 credits.
  • Listed Superior Noctenium Refiner at 900 credits.

Velik's Little Helper - A buff added to players entering Harrowhold, Ruinous Manor, and RK-9 Kennel (Hard). Buff adds 23 power and 23 endurance.

Brawlers can now use gender change vouchers.

Rally guild quests will now occur between the hours of 8 p.m. and 1 a.m. EDT—for west coast players: between 5–10 p.m. PDT.