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Hi there! We've got a statement on this very topic coming out later today. I wanted to give you all a heads up to look for that coming this afternoon before this topic proceeds further. In the meantime, I'll be locking it.
Yeah, this just killed the game to me. I'll watch Friday's stream to see if they say how much everything costs. But I'm seriously thinking of uninstalling because most of the stuff saved has become borderline worthless.

Think about the conversion this way - it's going to be the same for every player, so your progress in the game related to everyone around you will stay the same related to the time/effort put in. If player A has saved up 10k T12 Feedstock, but player B has been doing dungeons every day, playing like crazy, and saved up 30k T12 Feedstock, player B will STILL have 3x as much enchanting material as player A once they're converted into emblems.

The gear stats will be slightly different (and in some cases better than the old gear), and the amount of material needed to attempt a single enchant will change, but the playing field is still the same from player to player.
Hey all. Please see Seandynamite's post about this.

The project to make a complete guide for the gear revamp is ongoing despite today's hiccup. Collaborations like this always come with risks, but we're still looking forward to the final result and we don't want to let things like this interfere too much when it comes to working with members of the community to do awesome things.

Now that the conversion info is up for anyone to see, help spread the word and link to Seandynamite's post to those who might be interested in seeing it. I'd also like to ask you guys to respect those in the community that contributed to this project. Please don't seek out or hound those who may/may not have leaked or had info leaked to them. Thanks.
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