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Honestly, the current price of apot dye is an over-reaction caused by taking advantage of panicking people. The interest in dyes is very disproportionate; you have a small group of people who use them a lot and a much larger group who doesn't use them much or at all. (Some people are just sitting on hundreds and hundreds in their banks.) As soon as the announcement happened that they were being removed from the box, enterprising people bought them up for cheap just so they could turn around and relist them at way higher rates. But it's not like supply is actually constrained and suddenly the entire market dried up overnight with no way to get more. People are just milking the situation for all its worth while the going's good, since people are worried that there are no other ways to get them.

And now, with this thread (whether intentional or not), an aim seems to be to crash the market by making people believe that EME is going to intervene and inject new supply, which will cause people hoarding apot dyes to want to sell now before the prices collapse. Will it work...?


It will not.
This is indeed a grave threat to the world of TERA as we know it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention! Even if dyes aren't re-added to Elite boxes, we'll look for some way to get more of them in the hands of players.
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