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4YGEKAXYT9 wrote: »
Thanks for the reply but what I want to know is if there will be double vanguard reward for solo content such as IoD (like x2 tokens) or not. Or else, if there's a schedule out there or not.

No schedule posted yet, but we will get one posted early next week in a news post announcement. We had the rug pulled out on a few event plans and the tool was giving us issues, so we spent this week scrambling to test events that we can use and pivoting on our plans to try to get things in place that we can deliver on - I don't want to post a calendar and only execute on half of it.

That said, this weekend kicks off events running throughout the month (during weekdays and weekends, I don't mean that to sound like it's just on the weekends).

We will be running a double reward Vanguard rewards event and triple Vanguard rewards event this month (and no, I don't mean the last day of the month :p )
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