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I wish we could channel the energy of players out there and use it to make the development cycle of the game faster. Unfortunately that's not how it works. A lot of people have been super ready for TERA console to come out, and the developers at Bluehole have been full throttle when it comes to porting the game over, refining the UI, and addressing bugs/glitches. It turns out they need more time to make TERA console 100%, and we're not willing to put out a sub-par game, an untested build, or any kind of 1/2 TERA experience that people won't enjoy just for the sake of saying the game is out.

While I'm saying this as an EME staff member, even for me it's hard to imagine how the developers feel in Korea. This project has been their life for months and months now and yet they still remain committed. They more than anyone - TERA fans, me, ANYBODY - are driven to see TERA console released in the best state possible.
TLX wrote: ยป
One guy on this forums says: beta on December of 2017,release January of 2018. Is there any proof of that??? Where is the source???? Please any info should be wonderful cus i'm waiting to the game on console since the announcement. Thanks.

During PAX West, the message I was sending demo participants home with was:

- Beta before the end of the year
- Full release early 2018

This is still the plan, but it is subject to change. Console development is hard, as it turns out. Myself and the Marketing/Community teams met earlier this week and we worked on a rough communications plan for the next 4-8 weeks, so you can expect to receive some updates regarding the project in that time frame.
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