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Noctiv wrote: »
Hey Spacecats, speaking of Spacecats tokens, are the other servers ever getting the bam even that only happened on some servers? (I think CH and TR) Probably not the best example seeing as not all the servers even had a chance at the tokens.

Yes they will. I had to delay using them for a while due to a couple technical reasons, but they will make an appearance (and reappearance) on all servers.
All costume items will be available for sale later in the month. It's Day 1 of the anniversary event. Hang in there.
Salvatori wrote: »
I guess the Super Quiz Bowl will take place in Velika Arena right? And this will give these tokens?

That's really more for @Spacecats, but yes. And yes.
Stricera wrote: »
Catservant wrote: »
Frankly, they had me with the anniversary wings. I never even imagined something like that becoming available. Everything else is gravy.

yeah but it sounds like its temporary

They are not temporary. They are permanent. And you can get five of them in May.
Volturi wrote: »
would be cool to know exactly what will come or what not.. that way we dont miss anything we REALLY want :D

I bet you read the end of the book first, too.

Nope. No spoilers for you. Check the store each week.
We've told you Anniversary Tokens are coming, but not what they mean for you as players, so here we go!

Starting next Tuesday (5/9), highlighted dungeons, battlegrounds, and community events will drop Anniversary Tokens. Right-clicking on these tokens will open up an in-game shop like Spacecats tokens, where you can buy cool stuff.

The in-store inventory will change each week, so check them often!
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