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Salsychou wrote: »
Welcome!!! <3 I have a pressing question for you..

Do you look like this:
or like this:

I think my Introductory stream yesterday proves that both of these images are more or less accurate :)

Fleett wrote: »
@DonkeyProphet @Spacecats
Both of you better be on the stream today at 3:10pm PST.
(Not saying 3pm cause you're always late >.>)
Is there even going to be a stream today given that Extra Life is tomorrow? (I actually have no idea...)

My understanding is that there will absolutely be a stream today & I'll catch you guys there :)
Moonpelt wrote: »
XD Lol but class is suppose to help teach you things.

For clarification's sake, and all joking aside - Getting a thorough education is extremely important & I am in no way condoning shirking your individual studies in any way. Drink your milk, eat three square meals a day, and always do your homework :)
In my experience, it was way easier to sleep there than in class.
Moonpelt wrote: »
:O Nuuu suspension! It's another word for detention. Thankfully, I'm a good girl so idk what detention is like. ~Moonpelt

I, unfortunately, am no stranger to detention :)
Moderator edit - Posting "first posts" in threads is against the forum rules. Since you're new around here I'll let you off with a severe warning and 72 hour forum suspension effective immediately. Every piece of chocolate you leave on my desk will reduce your suspension by 2 minutes. -Spacecats
- @Spacecats


Welcome Donkey! It's good to have you on the team!

At the moment, DonkeyProphet sits next to Denommenator, Smoreceror, and me. Like he said in his intro, we've been having a good time so far throwing ideas around and thinking about ways to keep TERA exciting. :)
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