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It would be interesting to do a PvP one, I think. I know I'd personally enjoy it!

I think before I get someone on the air, I would ask them to show me personally first. At least to get an idea of what a stream would consist of for a PvP how-to.
Catservant wrote: »
Thank you, Spacecats, this was very useful. My BFF and I will be studying the footage, but we've made more headway on understanding our skills in one day than we have from three months of play.

That's awesome to hear!
Nopi wrote: »
Well I DO have a slayer and I like it AND I'd like to learn a bit more about it once in awhile, but I never join in these twich things. And since I'm not at home either, can't join this one. Do you guys leave a recording of it somewhere? not a social media person so I dunno even how to twich. Blame my foreveralone nature. :3

Absolutely! You can see our past broadcasts here:

Today I'll be joined by KaaiYu to learn the latest tips on playing a Slayer! As many of you know, Tonka did a Slayer guide with Kaai last year. A lot had changed since then! Time to get an update from the master Slayer himself.

The stream will begin today at 3:00 pm PDT on the En Masse Entertainment Twitch channel. Come hang out in the Twitch chat, ask Kaai your Slayer questions, and join in on our weekly raffle!
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