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Catservant wrote: »
I really enjoyed the meeting Seandynamite. I like many of his ideas, especially about polling/connecting with the community when decisions are still in the formative stages.

That said, I just want to say, Spacecats--you in particular have done an amazing job of not letting your ego and/or hopes get in the way of a better decision when the community doesn't like something.

When the anniversary event didn't go...shall we say smoothly?...you listened, thought, then applied what you heard. Changing how tokens could be earned, prices, and possible PRIZES based on feedback you got.

You made a lot of people very happy in the end, and I think if SeanDynamite does as he seems to be saying, you two are going to make some sweet events together.

I'm really hopeful we can all start pulling together more to support the game.

I think we learned a couple things from Anniversary events in general that I think will help event planning as Seandynamite starts mapping things out for the coming months.

1) With all that we had planned, our slow roll-out method made it seem like we had less going on. If we'd put up a bigger news post at the start of May that listed every single thing we were planning to run for the next four weeks, I think it would have looked more spectacular from the start (even if we modified things after the fact). Part of the reason it was rolled out this way is because Velik's Fate was part of that content, but at the same time was contained in itself as an update.

2) The timing of Noesis' departure kind of borked and confused a couple things. I don't hold that against him because no time would ever have been an ideal time. He still did a TON of work surrounding the celebration. Hand-offs are just rough.

3) Quiz bowl hates me. It's so good though that once it's fixed by Bluehole I can't wait for you guys to see it.
SocateKun wrote: »
Salvatori wrote: »
Seandynamite since u're millionaire, can u buy new servers for TERA? It would be much appreciated.

And welcome. o/

+1 to what he said and can you convince community managers (that really don't play and get free carry for gear) to not be so cheap on drop tables,this is from a guy that owns over 1,4K games and sees how this game goes down slowly,milk runs are bad idea as an event and if u want a milk run cut those prices for real EMP to ingame practicality=0

Community managers don't make dungeon drop tables. Bluehole does. Sometimes Product Managers (like Seandynamite) can adjust them though.

(also I play like every day :p )
There is no men in Pora Elinu..

That's why he's the richest and most powerful, he's the only one :p

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