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Ah, looks like the old page was finally taken down. We'll see if we can't get the whole collection uploaded somewhere for anniversary month.
metagame wrote: »
why is there a huge gap at the end of your post

Please don't stare at my gap.

(It's gone now)
The nice looking armor in the picture is that available in game somehow? Or is it cash shop only?

It is not yet available for sale. It will be later in the month.

For couples, the fifth wedding anniversary is the "wood" anniversary. You know what's made out of wood? Pencils! And pencils are used to create artwork. That's why I've decided to invite none other than En Masse Entertainment creative and graphics guru Josh to join me for today's Twitch stream! Also... he accepted my invite (everyone else is super busy for next week's update.)

Josh is an excellent candidate to kick off this month's streams because he's been on the En Masse team since the very beginning, back before TERA even launched. I'm using all of May to celebrate the five years of TERA by inviting various members of the staff on the air to share stories and give players an impression of how the TERA team has grown and learned over the years. We'll also take some time to show off Josh's handy work and ask some questions about the TERA creative team, so feel free to ask in the Twitch chat if there's anything about TERA art you've been wondering about!

The stream starts today, May 5, at 3 p.m. PDT at
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