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The 3-day star of wonder was just a fun addition. It's there for people who like those kinds of things.
We'll make an announcement giving a date, but Anniversary Tokens will likely stick around until early June. Long past when they'll be earnable in-game.

As for today's code, as a sort of fix we decided to make this one redeemable twice. I removed the 200 Reward Credits and 1,000 Points that were causing issues, and in their place added a 3-day Star of Wonder, a Strong Bravery, a Strong Canephora, and 5 Circlet Fragments to the code (along with 25 Anniv. tokens).

It will switch back to a single redemption count in just a few hours, so anyone that was watching live and redeemed a borked code will get a little bonus seeing as the original still managed to deliver tokens and nothing else. Sorry for the confusion.
WitchyGirl wrote: »
its fun when there are guests on the stream. cant wait to see the stream. yay

please dont forget to add the anniversary wings for 5/26 item claim. <3
(lol thats my favorite item from the anniversary :pleased: )

This weekend's wings should be good to go! They were all set up in advance, but last weekend's had a bug that caused the delay. I'm having Denommenator triple check on the last pair.
Zoknahal wrote: »
Only One Question:

Quiz Bowl

W H E N ?

See this comment by Halrath:
Ketoth wrote: »
Player council results when? Or gingerdnappd will interview the canditates?

That could actually be fun, but I won't put that burden on Gingersnappd ;D

We're looking at next week to get new Player Council members invited.

Today I have a very special and unusual guest for the stream. In an effort to show you guys more of En Masse behind the scenes, and introduce you all to the larger crew that helps En Masse function as a publisher, I've invited Gingersnappd, our office and HR manager on the air. Please give her a warm TERA welcome!

We've got a couple activities planned for the show that will include giving out some Anniversary Tokens. I also have an announcement on how you can pick up additional tokens over this (for many folks, extended) weekend.

We begin at 3 p.m. today. See you there! https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
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