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StarSprite wrote: »

SO many people showed up and it was hard to see on stream so I put this together if anyone wanted to see the effects on the priest weapon.

Also I play on an actual toaster but I'm hoping the quality isn't super bad :c

Thank you! The weapon skins should be in the dressing room early next week so folks can get a better look than I was able to give today ;)
Sobbie wrote: »
Somehow? Impression? Confused?

You clearly wrote 100% Chance on the MYSTERIOUS EGG. There was no confusion on our side, it was clearly your misscomunication (as usual lol).

It was worded incorrectly. I've rephrased my comment above to be a bit more clear.

Ketoth wrote: »
Are you giving away the white models of the weapons too? or just the volcanic?


Could you also explain the miss communication about hardening egg and mysterious egg and 100% drop chance for dragon according the patch notes, so people dont talk about it anymore?

Sure, I'll mention this on the air. For clarification here, the dragon eggs were included in the patch notes by mistake, and described just as they have been functioning. Some players saw this message and somehow got the impression that there was now a 100% chance to get a dragon from an egg. That rumor was false, but some players got confused/upset because they believed it and opened some eggs.

Today on Twitch I'll visit Mount Tyrannas to show off the upcoming Dragon Weapon Skins! These items won't be hitting the TERA store until next week, but I'll have some 3-day versions to hand out to folks who group up and help me model.

While I'm on MT, let's PvP! I'll raffle off prizes in the Twitch chat depending on how our duels turn out <3

The stream starts at 3 p.m. PST on the En Masse Twitch channel. See you there!
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