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Hi everyone. I just wanted to drop in to let you all know we appreciate and welcome a good debate, but also to remind you all that disagreements are fine but personal attacks are not.

As with any situation, there are infinite hypothetical scenarios, and it is simply not possible to address them all. For those with concerns about the name release, please be reminded that we sent out an email to every single account with a character at risk of having its name released, and I am pretty sure there will be another round of emails that go out as the deadline approaches.

For those players who did not see the announcement or receive the email (for any of the infinite hypothetical reasons), they will see a "_1" after their character's name when they log in. Upon selecting that character they will be prompted to select a new name. Depending on how uncommon their name was before the release, there is always the chance that they will simply be able to re-select their original name.

I would just ask everyone to keep an open mind about this. Of course we value our veteran players. We also want to create as great an experience as we can for new players joining the game, whether they be paying players or those who support the game simply by playing and purchasing items in game with gold.
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Name Release FAQ updated with 3 new answers!
Morning everyone! Wanted to clear up a few things being discussed in this thread.

1) Logging into each character. This is necessary – each individual character will be checked for their activity (last log-in date) to determine whether or not to rename the character. This is how the process functions, not a decision we made. We know it can be an inconvenience for players with many alts, but there is no way around this.

2) Communication. We wanted to start communicating this as far in advance as possible, which is why we’ve posted a full month in advance. We’ve also already sent emails, and will continue to do so. We do not want anyone to be caught unaware by this change.

3) The FAQ has been updated to include:
- Will banned players be affected? Yes. If a player was banned before the cut off of June 25, 2014 their name will be changed (as they cannot log in to preserve it).
To address the question of returning players who find their name has been changed due to inactivity, upon entering the server for the first time with that player, they will be prompted to select a new name. For those that were around back when we had the server merge that resulted in name conflicts on the new servers, the process will be the same.
So that we can better address any concerns we may not have thought of, could you clarify your concern over this? To clarify, it is the names of inactive characters (which largely will be on accounts no longer in use) that are being freed up.

Due to the recent surge of new players coming into TERA via Steam, we have decided to release inactive character names, making them available to new characters.

Any characters that have not logged into the game since June 25, 2014 will have their names appended with "_1", freeing up their old names to anyone creating a new character or using the paid Character Name Change service.

If you have characters whose names you want to keep, but you haven’t logged into TERA with those characters since June 25 of last year, you should log in to TERA and enter the game with each of those characters before Thursday, June 25, 2015.

For more details, see our Name Release FAQ or discuss this post here.
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