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chrono01 on 2012-03-02 23:29:59 UTC - view
It's a bit odd that the site lists the physical CE for release on 4/24/12, and the regular edition 5/1/12.

Yeaaah, that's an error. TERA is indeed releasing on May 1, 2012.
WintersNoble on 2012-03-03 01:02:44 UTC - view
Probably a stupid question, but, do players get early access if they pre-order from gamestop? If so, how would that work with the release being 5/1/12 and the head start being before that? I just want to be sure on how it will work out, seeing as how I plan on pre-ordering the Physical CE from gamestop.

The retailer should be able to provide a code for you after you pre-order, either in a receipt or an email form. You can apply this code to your En Masse account to play in the beta tests and head start event. When you receive the physical CE after launch, there will be a code inside the box to use on the En Masse account to upgrade. :)
I am hoping to clarify some of the questions on the different version of TERA on this thread:

Ciberfog: If you bought the $59 version, that is the digital collector's edition, and that has all of the same in-game items as the physical version, you just don't get the physical compass, soundtrack, map, etc.

If you are having second thoughts, and want the physical version of the collector's you can contact our support department and they can help with that transaction. But our allotment of the physical collector's edition is pretty low, so you will want to decide soon.

We are hoping that in the next week or two, a couple of our other retail partners will offer the physical collector's edition, but for now we are the only place to get it. NikuiKira, hopefully that will also cover our neighbors to the north, but we don't know for sure yet. We'll announce when it does become available elsewhere.

AdventDeo: The bonus items are applied to your characters when we officially go live on May 1st.
Yes, you get the items for each character on the account! Cool, right?
As the post outlines, we're working to expand the region we can ship to in parallel with getting the physical Collector's Edition added to retailer inventories.

We'll also be updating the pre-order page to include more details on Collector's Edition contents. The letter of marque is a document introducing you to the Valkyon Federation. The compass is metallic and does actually work. The map is printed on textured paper.
Zeromus on 2012-02-22 03:03:20 UTC - view
So I'm guessing the map will have to be folded to fit in the box. Darn you creases!

Nothing a little low-heat ironing can't fix.
Fans patiently waiting to secure their physical Collector's Edition version of TERA, this news post is for you! We have added the physical Collector's Edition to the En Masse store and it is available for pre-order immediately. Pre-ordering this version grants the same benefits as pre-ordering the Standard Edition of TERA including access to all beta tests, exclusive play sessions, and in-game bonuses.

This is the only physical product we offer and it will only be available for a very limited time. We've addressed questions you may have about this news here:

Q: When will the product ship?
A:We don’t know the exact day the product will ship, however we can assure you that you will be able to play in every beta, during head start, and once launch begins - play without interruption until you get your package in the mail and have a chance to enter the serial code.

Q: Which countries are eligible to purchase the physical Collector's Edition from the En Masse Entertainment store?
A:This product is available for shipping in the continental United States only. We are currently working with other retail partners to make this version available for shipping to a larger geographic area.

Q: Who is shipping the physical Collector’s Edition to customers?
A:The United States Postal Service (USPS).

Can we ship to military addresses (APOs)?
A:Yes, USPS can definitely ship to APOs. However, all APOs may not be able to access our servers. Please contact our Customer Support Team to confirm before ordering.

Thank you for your patience! We look forward to seeing you in TERA!
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