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Klarity on 01/09/2014, 10:15 AM - view
Not sure if I understand correctly? If I sign up for elite status now, I wont get the steampunk outfit? (its past 7am Jan 9th)

A new outfit will be given out on the 29th. Should I just wait till the 29th then to get more bang for my buck?

You will. And when you renew next time, you will get the next item. The item (currently dyeable steampunk) has been added the monthly deliverables that everyone gets when they renew or sign up. On the 29th, that item will change.
Ok let's answer some questions.

The Jeweled Lion will go on sale by the end of the month. Elite's will get a pretty steep discount on it.

Yes, the new mount is side saddle (the picture shows a castanic female side saddle).

If you signed up or renewed Elite between December 30th and Jan 9th 7am, you will receive the new deliverables (30day Travel Journal and dyeable Steampunk Costume). Everyone else receive the new deliverables as normal when they renew or sign up after that date.

Key sales? We'll see. Tradable Elite scrolls? We shall also see.
Village Atlas's teleport you to pre-defined locations all over the world. A daily one was added to the 30-day one to help solve a problem where players with alts couldn't use the original 30-day atlas. A Travel Journal teleports you to 5 locations custom defined by YOU. So it has its own benefits itself, especially while leveling.

The Jeweled Lion mount will be on sale in both account and character versions. Sadly the side saddle cannot be changed on Razormane.

The free permanent item we are sending out is tradable. This is to allow you the freedom to sell it or keep it like the keys and spellbinds did. We will not always send out a cosmetic item, but that is just what we are starting with.

There seems to be some confusion about why we are sending out the dyeable Steampunk costume to only players that signed up or renewed within the time period stated. This is because on January 29th, a new item will replace the dyeable Steampunk costume for the monthly delivery, and those players will never be able to get the dyeable Steampunk costume unless we do this. Everyone else that signs up and renews will get their monthly deliverables (the Travel Journal and dyeable Steampunk costume) when they sign up or renew after January 9th. This decision was made so that we cover the entire Elite playerbase, and not neglect 1/3 of it.
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The game guide for Kumasylum is up.
CitrusBunny on 01/07/2014, 04:30 PM - view
First of all, I must compliment the use of that dapper popori fella v

The item will be the same one as you would get from the store, so the attributes will not be changed. In the case of the dyeable steampunk outfit, it will come out of a smartbox.
To quote from a locked thread (http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/Changes-to-Elite-Status-What-do-you-think-of-it):
4. I love the fact that TERA will increase the hours of the boost, but how TERA will staggered it? " six total hours each day" will it build up in a day if I don't use them? I work 8-12 hours shift per day, I don't want to waste my boost, I hope I can activate all 6 boost in one sitting. And please clearly state when the boost will reset PST

Right now you have 1 boost of each type. That number changes from 1 to 6 after this change. You will even see that number say "6" instead of 1. You can activate them all at once (over the course of an hour due to the 10 minute cooldown), or whenever you wish. The boosts reset, along with everything else on the bar, at 4pm PST.
Asunai on 01/07/2014, 04:55 PM - view
Are we still keeping our atlases?

Yes. Anything not mentioned is not changed!
Zairel on 01/07/2014, 05:27 PM - view
that sucks i renewed on the 17th of dec i really wanted the costum only one i dont have. should be if people renewed after the 9th of dec.

You will eventually get it on your next renewal date. Since the item is changing at the end of this month, there will be players who do not get it at all. We wanted to take care of those players.

Question: Will every monthly costume be the **Dyeable** version?

Not always. It is not always going to be a costume either. We are going to pick an item worth around $10 or more.

Hey everyone! Treeshark here with two bits of news for TERA. First, Kumasylum opens tomorrow, January 9, after maintenance to all players level 30 and up. It’s the first battleground where players get to take control of a giant kumas and battle against other players. Kumasylum pits three player-controlled kumases against seven players who attempt to steal the kumas treasure. Find out more in our game guide.

Based on your feedback, the following changes are coming to elite status during maintenance on January 9.

On the elite bar, there are two major changes. Many voiced that the jeweled lion has run its course, and we agree. On January 9, we retire our beloved jeweled lion and bring out Razormane, an exclusive armored mount.

With a speed of 280, this gleaming armored mount will attract attention and lead the charge!

Next, we are increasing the boosts you get. Currently, everyone receives one each of the four hour-long boosts available (XP, Reputation, Gold Hunters, and Quest Gold). For a lot of you, this wasn’t enough to tide you over for a day, so we’re increasing that number from one to six, so each of the four boosts will be available for six total hours each day. They’re still broken up into one-hour increments, so you can choose when and on which character you want to use them. Use them all on one, or divvy them up across all your alts.

For the monthly deliverables, we are making the following changes. The strongbox keys and spellbind boxes will be removed from the deliverables. We are adding a 30-day travel journal, as well as a free permanent item that will change every month. To start, we will be giving out a dyeable steampunk costume for all elite status members.* We are also going to have more elite-only sales on items as well. Spellbinds will receive a permanent elite discount, and we’ll discount the jeweled lion when it goes on sale. In the future, we will look to put discounts on other items like keys and dyes, as well as costumes, mounts and pets.

Overall, I think these changes will cement the convenience that elite status provides you as a TERA player. With a new mount, more boosts, and new discounts, you can get more out of elite status than ever.

Look for these changes, as well as the opening of Kumasylum, January 9 after maintenance.

Treeshark out!

*All players who signed up or renewed elite status between the dates of December 30, 2013 to January 9, 2014 at 7 a.m. PST will receive the travel journal (30 days) and the dyeable steampunk costume on January 9. A new item will replace the dyeable steampunk costume for elite status players on January 29.
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Tazusa on 01/07/2014, 03:56 PM - view

And do the travel journals work in alliance territories? If so... OP!

You can't save locations within Alliance territories, so you can't teleport in, but you can teleport out of Alliance territories :)
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