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Motiko on 10/29/2015, 11:55 AM - view

Oh and I heard you were talking on the stream about doing community events in-game - sounds awesome! However, would you consider doing some on MT as well?
Also, I like your colourful hair!

Yep! I'll have a GM character, where I can head to all the different servers. We'll make sure to be super fair, and we'll also be mindful of time zones.

And thanks!
Veldoran on 10/29/2015, 05:38 AM - view
Welcome Danicia.

Oooh you rolled a berzerker and an Amani female at that! o/ Points made already.

Jedi o.o?! I like you already even if I'm more of a sith type >:).

Couple of tips on being a berzerker (once you reach level cap of course :) )

Glyphs that should be active;

All the cyclone glyphs
All the Thunder strike glyphs
Glyph raze for increased charging speed on Thunder strike (take the special glyph when you get it too :) )

Awh man got ahead of myself. I hope you figure the rest out and as time goes by I hope you fit in well!


Thanks! I need all the help I can get. :)
I guess I gotta get my breakfast game up. :D
Gibemecookie on 10/28/2015, 07:54 AM - view
Welcome Danicia :)

Now that Minea is gone who will be providing the Bagels and coffee? D:

What? No one told me I had to supply breakfast!
AssaultQueen on 10/28/2015, 02:23 AM - view
Hello o/
Welcome to TERA!


Thanks! I appreciate the welcome!
LittlePinkEli on 10/27/2015, 11:04 PM - view
So... Popo PKing Femani Zerk Jedi. What's not to love?

Exactly. :D
FaytEsteem on 10/27/2015, 09:46 PM - view
The moment you said Jedi you just made my list of favorite people, Welcome to Tera Danicia it's very nice to meet you and I hope you enjoy your stay and someday become great friends with the community ^.^.

Thanks for that! I am a huge Star Wars nerd; I am currently working on a full sleeve ESB era tattoo. I've got one SW tattoo already. I play X-Wing miniatures, and I'm about to run a Star Wars tabletop RPG. You could say I am a fan.
Seralina on 10/27/2015, 08:37 PM - view


whatisyourname on 10/27/2015, 06:37 PM - view
(((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) welcome to the game (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Thank you! I am very excited!
soggynuts on 10/27/2015, 03:53 PM - view
Inb4 the community turns on you and you become a jaded, salty Femani with a penchant to PK Popos. Don't feel bad because like smoking, PKing Popos relieves stress.

That made me giggle. Never fear! I am an olds, so I know all about that jaded thing. I got jaded out of my system long ago, and am dedicated to positive living. I might be a Jedi.
I've worked on numerous MMOs, so you might have seen my name pop up there!

And I am a huge fan of the lesser played races. Says the lady who loved playing Rodians in SWG.
kamizuma on 10/27/2015, 03:38 PM - view
welcome to the exiled realm of arborea!

Thanks! I'm super excited!
Zoknahal on 10/27/2015, 02:22 PM - view
Hello and welcome Danicia! Glad to have someone of your expertise leading our community. Can't wait to see you on streams :) Let us know which will be your favorite race! (please choose amani female :D )

Thank you! I did indeed roll Female Aman, Berserker. /flex
Koolip on 10/27/2015, 02:14 PM - view
Kinda weird the Harmonia is the one who posts Treeshark's text.

I like "the Harmonia" :)

Daleks have no concept of authorship!
Greetings TERA Citizens!

Treeshark here to talk about recent changes to the TERA Team.

Obviously, all of us were saddened over the past few months to see both Tonka and Minea leave the TERA community team. Both had worked long and hard to make players feel welcome, informed, involved, and cared about. Their departures, while understandable on a personal level because both left to follow exciting new opportunities, left a hole in our hearts as well as on the team.

After an exhaustive search, today we are happy to announce that we have hired a new community manager team lead to help fill that hole. So, allow me to introduce you all to Donna “Danicia” Prior, who has helped manage gaming communities for both tabletop and video games for over a decade. Donna cut her MMO teeth at Flying Lab Software on Pirates of the Burning Sea and has also worked on Star Wars: The Old Republic, Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising, Guild Wars 2, and numerous games from Sony Online Entertainment such as PlanetSide 2. She’s also active in game industry events, speaking at PAX, PAX Dev, GDC, and her own “analog” game convention, OrcaCon.

Danicia is new to TERA, however, so don’t expect her to know too much about Darkan’s donut just yet. But I’m sure she’d be more than happy to talk to players about leveling up quickly, which class is the best (I know you all have opinions on that one), and the new Stepstone Isle experience.

While she may not be a TERA expert just yet, we are all very excited about adding Danicia’s incredible community expertise to the TERA Team, the core of which is still intact. Harmonia and I are dedicated to maintaining continuity with the community, as we have done for years. I’ve been here since the beginning and Harmonia (or, as you may know her, @TERAonline or “Mystery Facebook Admin”) joined the TERA Team in 2010 as an early game tester and has spent the last five years supporting TERA players in-game, on the forums, and on social media.

Plus, as I mentioned in my September letter, we also added Denommenator as a senior producer on TERA this year. Denommenator has been an En Massian since 2012, and has worked behind the scenes on TERA, ZMR, and other titles before officially coming to TERA.

In addition to the community and production people dedicated to TERA, En Masse also added a director of product management for the game this year. Chris Lye joined En Masse in May to provide marketing support to the TERA Team, almost immediately cutting his teeth on the Go Berserk update.

Chris brings a wealth of RPG and MMO knowledge to the team having worked on Dungeon Siege, Asheron's Call, and Jade Empire while at Microsoft. He then took a year off to lead a raiding guild in World of Warcraft before being recruited by ArenaNet to market Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. Chris is playing a Baraka warrior on Highwatch, so maybe he’ll tank for you sometime, although I keep telling him warriors should DPS.

So, while we will all miss Tonka and Minea, I am here to tell you that TEAM TERA is as strong as ever and we're looking forward to some great things coming up in the next few months, including our annual Extra Life Twitch stream and a major content update that will unveil TERA’s newest class after a month of promotions and in-game events!


Treeshark out.

Join Danicia today, October 27, on /r/TERAonline for a reddit AMA!
Edited by: Harmonia 3 minutes ago
Thanks, Harmonia!

I'm very much looking forward to getting to know everyone and doing what I can to improve communications and support the team and the community.

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