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Ultemecia on 03/07/2016, 05:58 PM - view
No, he will be known as Spacekitten. Saw it in another thread and that is what he shall be referred to as until he's here for awhile and earns spacecats. :D

Spacecats is not even my final form!
Leluvely on 02/25/2016, 09:29 AM - view
Welcome to the community, Spacey! (Is it ok to call you that, because I'm totally gonna call you that if so)

Really loving how frequently you've been posting on forums and actually taking the time to talk to and get to know the players, your sense of humour is spot on as well. You seem to have a lot of motivation and drive towards keeping the community involved and updated, and a lot of great plans for future it seems. Really excited to have you here, man!

Also what a cute cat omg

If I tell her you said so she'll get a big head and start demanding more food.

(Also thank you for the kind words)
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RedRamii on 02/19/2016, 05:45 PM - view
On the stream at 41:28 yu called the Starfall gear Skyfall by saying "I don't have my skyfall gear on"
Whats better, +15 skyfall or +15 Dread :')
I demand a prize for making this discovery before I start sacrificing an Elin every 2 hours!

Haha, I realized that like 5 seconds after I said it, did an internal face-palm, then hoped nobody would go back and link to that exact moment in time to point out my mistake. THANKS A LOT RAMII.

Madoif on 02/17/2016, 08:46 AM - view
Don't hate on druids you ninny. Anyway you're into some awesome stuff. Your interests and the way you present yourself in an informal yet professional manner means you're off to a good start!

Thanks, I appreciate that!

Zoknahal on 02/17/2016, 01:51 PM
What color combination you like the most? I always liked to play with White creatures/restoration spells/Holy monsters and Red destruction spells. Best offense is the best defense right?

You'd fit right in with the Boros Legion of Face-punching! It's hard to pick a favorite combo, but I tend to enjoy 3 or 5-color decks that go extremely deep and accomplish absolutely nothing. Today my favorite card is Master Transmuter, who isn't concerned with the best offense OR defense. :D

Feel free to ask me questions about Lancer if you ever pass by TR. I may not be the best one, but i am confident on my skills. Feel free also to ask me anything about TERA lore, as i consider myself one of the few Lore Experts in TERA, tho i always discover something new from time to time :)

Excellent! There's a good chance I'll take you up on that offer!

Onto questions: I would like to know if its within your duties as the new CM to log into the game on your GM character and spend some time with the players, be it fooling around or just spawning some monsters, doing mini events, etc, just having fun in general with the community while in game. GM presence in game is always welcome.

Absolutely! It's something I'm really looking forward to doing on every server. I'm still getting introduced GM-hood internally, but I bet Spacecats sightings will begin to happen sometime next week.

PST: An idea of mini event that you can do while in game: Ask the whole server to find you, and trade you a Banana (its an actual item in game! Cant you believe it? ) and first one to do, earns some costume or gold, or whatever you may have in your GM character inventory :)

I like it :D
RedRamii on 02/16/2016, 07:07 PM - view
I don't mean to brag, but I once solo'd Channel Works all by myself :')



RedRamii on 02/16/2016, 04:14 PM - view
Can I get a "Ramii yu are amazing" from spacecats! Will pay with love.

Hmmmm... tell me something amazing about yourself first.
Mechyy on 02/14/2016, 10:05 AM - view
Welcome to TERA! I hope you come with the SkyWhale blessings! The community needs you, Everyone hopes you the best thought!
And since I read you like the role play, look check out a little Web Light Novel about TERA!

Thanks! I'll take a look!

Neayala on 02/16/2016, 02:20 AM
I really liked your Stream Spacecats.

Personally i think that you have MUCH to learn about the Reaper, but that you are trying and i really hope that you will do some streams to explain the fundamentals of the battlegrounds and dungeons.

I think this would be really important, cause the most ppl don't look into the forums to gather information like you did. They lurk in the shadows of the dungeon tool/battleground tool and their lack of knowledge give you plenty occasions to experience dungeon runs from HELL.

You already did a good job by explaining the 3-1-3 from corsairs and so i hope that you will do great, maybe with the help of some streamers, in explaining some of the ins and outs of TERA.

As someone who's an experienced Reaper, I welcome any advice you feel like messaging me.

Out of curiosity, who are your favorite TERA streamers when it comes to teaching game strategy? Do you prefer to learn just by watching things happen naturally, or through detailed breakdowns?
GearsSick on 02/13/2016, 02:32 PM - view
Now if only you had crystals on fam you'd be my new hero jk :P.

This made me lol

GearsSick on 02/13/2016, 02:32 PM - view
But since you're interested in PvP we're in dire need of help!!! All I ever see being addressed are the pve patches hopefully you bring some pvp action into the loop.

I welcome you but you need to work hard. Tonka left some very big shoes to fill c:

Thank you, and I know! Right now I'm getting acquainted with the EME office, streaming setup, forum backend, and GM tools, and a billion other things. As time goes on and I get fully ramped up into my new role, I'll try to fill those shoes as best I can. If you ever have feedback for me (even about tiny things) or you think there's something I missed or underestimated, message me for a chat.

I’m Sean Gibbons, aka Spacecats! I’m your new Community Manager for TERA. Here are some random non-TERA facts about me:

- I have a grumpy cat named Mingty. I like to stream on Twitch in my spare time, and she joins me on the air.
- My previous job was at Wizards of the Coast, where I was a Community Manager for Magic: The Gathering. I’ve been playing MTG since I was a tiny babything, and I’m a huge fan of the game.
- I run a Dungeons & Dragons group. I’m a chaotic but forgiving DM. I love storytelling and roleplaying.
- I go to PAX West (Prime) every year. Pretty much no matter what.
- I need to watch more Psycho-Pass.
- The first MMO I ever played was EverQuest. I stubbornly mained a Druid even though they were terrible healers. In EQ2 I played a Warden, led raids, got epic (but didn’t learn my lesson about playing Druids).
- I love to write science fiction in my spare time.
- I listen to a lot of Royksopp and Purity Ring. I like EDM.
- I drink a LOT of coffee.
- If you'd like to follow me on Twitter, I'm not hard to find. Everything I say on there is my own opinion, not En Masse's.


Here's me:

Here's me playing D&D as Jace Beleren, accompanied by a freaked out party member:

Here I am laughing it up with Gideon Jura while being strangled my a giant tentacle:

This is my cat, Mingty:

Here's an album with a few other pictures in it. Some of them are Photowonder photos. I love that app.

Now you probably want to know about my TERA cred, so let me lay it on you. I'm not a longtime player, but coming into this role I’ve put a lot of recent hours into the game. I have multiple characters over level 40, playing mostly on Celestial Hills and Highwatch. I enjoy PvP and have spent most my time in Corsair’s on my 65 Reaper (plus a little bit of Skyring). My favorite story characters are Jelena and Zolyn. I still have a lot to learn about TERA, but I’m eager to dive in deep and max out my characters. I won’t be content until I’ve personally leveled every class to 65 and experienced PvP in their shoes.

I know a lot of you already have questions about what being the TERA CM means and what my main focus will be. There are multiple aspects to my job, but a big one involves me posting in the forums on a regular basis, acting as a link between En Masse and the community. That link will go both ways. When you have feedback on TERA or a recent update, it’s my job to pass it on to the rest of the team, whether that feedback is positive or negative. Likewise when there’s a response from En Masse about the game, I’ll be there to either post or direct you to it.

In game, I plan to run both large and small events as a GM while spending a lot of time on every server (even if that means just hanging out and chatting in public.) I’m interested in organizing future PvP tournaments, no details quite yet. I’ll also be streaming on Twitch just as Danicia and Harmonia have been doing. If you have cool ideas for weekly on-air shows/themes/events, let me know!

Leave questions for me in this thread and I’ll answer what I can. I’ll also edit this post as I think of more things to tell you about myself or find more photos to post. I’m looking forward to getting to know you all, so please feel free to tell me random fun things about yourself in your responses!
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ILikeTeddyBears on 02/13/2016, 07:17 PM - view
do you believe one day that giant, buff, flying bird people will come and destroy the world?

No I don't. I believe they will SAVE it.
ILikeTeddyBears on 02/13/2016, 05:11 PM - view
Hi, do you think you could also get a letter from BHS actually addressing the NA community? Since BHS says they care about the NA community, it's at least something they can do, right?

It's something I can look into. Is it cool with you if it's in Korean? ;D
sugarplump on 02/13/2016, 04:17 PM - view
Would it be possible-- when you have nothing to stream, to preview new costumes/mounts/accessories the week before they're released? Just how our previous CM Tonka did.
Oh, and also could you do giveaways? That excited the community. :)
Great job on the stream by the way!

Thanks, and good suggestions! I'd love to do both of those things :)
kirsch on 02/13/2016, 02:45 PM - view
I am in love s.s

you say you are a link between the players and EME - where does BHS fit into the equation? at what point does our feedback get passed along to them? a recent concern with a lot of players is that they don't seem to care about us one bit. is there any reason for us to post feedback on major aspects of the game, or should we focus on things EME can change themselves?

That's a good question, and I think I'll be able to answer it a little better after I've spent more time in the office. The feedback I collect will go to the EME team. They then determine if/how/when/where/huh/who is able to make the game changes. If they can't do it themselves, the EME producers work with the Bluehole team to determine what can be done and how quickly. Many large scale things seem to fall to Bluehole's team to change. Contrary to what you guys feel right now, I've been told my many people at En Masse that Bluehole cares very much for its English-speaking audience, but because of the involved process of localizing the game from its Korean roots, some changes can get a little complex or take time to implement properly.

That's how I understand things so far, anyway. Like I said, as I send more and more feedback up the chain, I think I'll get a better handle on the if/how/when/where part of the process. So I'll definitely keep your question in mind, kirsch!

I adore onions! My SO, however, is not as much of a fan. :)

Garlic/onion bread sounds deeeelish.

I have a recipe board on Pinterest if you want to check out a lot of dishes I make (or are on my list to make).
Iron Maiden is my jam. <3
Lyem on 11/17/2015, 03:11 PM - view
I saw your desks and i can't belive there ins't an Elin plushie in there! omg!

On Harmonia's one theres an angry bird! where's the Elins! D:

I need to bring in my desk decorations! There's tons of Sailor Moon, Star Wars, and other nerdy things. I'm so far behind compared to Harmonia. :)
kawaiiloli on 11/17/2015, 12:03 PM - view
@Danicia wooo deletions!

Just wanted to know, what are your plans on opening night of The Force Awakens?

Watching the movie, 'natch! Also, I'll be decked out in my Her Universe gear (Lightsaber skirt/top, along with my Disneyland R2-D2 Disney ears :) Not to mention, my R2-D2 purse from ThinkGeek, Star Wars jewelry and more.
Cleaned up the thread and re-opened!
Since we can't have nice things, we'll just close this thread.

That's not the point of this thread; it's an intro thread. :) So, if y'all would like to ask us question about nerdy things or such, this is the place for it.
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Eleynn on 11/05/2015, 08:20 AM - view
I love all your pets :3 Where was Rocket the Rescue Kitten rescued from?

The hubs found Rocket, when he crawled out from under a vending machine in San Diego. He was about 2 weeks old.

CCKat on 11/05/2015, 03:38 AM - view
Cats! Black color and no sweets.
I knew we had something in common XD

Mapris on 11/04/2015, 09:43 PM - view
That's a super cute doggie.

I recognize that tabletop train game from that youtube tabletop show. Never played but looks fun.

OP post said questions. Not sure if that meant game questions or personal stuff, so I'll ask both. What's your favourite food? Least liked food?

Is it possible to have a GM BAM spawning event? Maybe have GM Solomon show up (on TR) as well?

The game is called Ticket to Ride and it is super fun. You can also play it on Steam, if you like to play board games on your computer.

My fave food is pasta, with rosemary & garlic. Least liked is mustard, as I'm allergic.

I'm building a list of in-game events to schedule. I'll be putting up a thread for feedback once I'm ready to start plotting and planning. I'd love to get a player versus dev event going.
Jav420 on 11/04/2015, 02:20 PM - view
All I got from this was ....... TEXAS!!!......lol. Btw Bubasti is giving us the Evil Eye... Anyway is really cool that ur taking time to do this, it's always good to connect with the players, cuz then we feel left out =*(, hope I can get back into it too tho lol...

It's my favorite part about being a Community Manager! :)
Hiya all! I've updated my original community introduction from when I first joined the team. I'm also adding a link to my public twitter account, for anyone who wants to follow me :)

I started at EME 5 years ago on the game testing team playing TERA. After that I moved to our support team and worked as a GM for quite a while, helping players with their technical problems and game questions. Now I work on the community team with Danicia. I do news posts and the "social media stuff" - posting information and answering questions on Facebook and Twitter, and sometimes YouTube as well. You'll also catch me lurking in Twitch chat during our streams and crusing around on the subreddit.

I may be hard to spot in-game (an elusive elin GM!) but you can catch me on the streams sometimes playing Little.Husky, my beloved Popo. I definitely can't pick a favorite TERA class - I started as a Priest and love healing in TERA more than any other MMO. Surprisingly though, I spend most of my time playing a slayer and berserker. I've been playing MMORPGs for nearly 15 years so it's strange that these are my first real melee characters (Chanters in AION really don't count with their meager dps)!

My favorite non-TERA games are generally strategy or role playing games, and lately I've been playing a lot of indie games (Darkest Dungeon, This War of Mine, Banished, etc) and tons of Cities: Skylines and Civ 5. Currently I'm all aboard the Fallout 4 hype train...choo choo!

Fun facts:
- I'm left handed.
- I own a ridiculous number of Doctor Who t-shirts but I am NOT a dalek, regardless of what the TERA community may say to the contrary!
- I live with my extremely handsome dog, Oliver and his new trouble-making feline companion, Minerva.
- A few of my favorite books are Mother Night, Catch 22, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Martian, and Livro do Desassossego (The Book of Disquiet). And, I suppose, The Lord of the Rings since I re-read it at least once a year...
- My biggest non-gaming hobby is running. I've run one marathon and quite a few half marathons, and every year I run an awesome 200(ish) mile relay race with friends in July.
- My favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but Big Fish is a close second.
- If I have my headphones on at work, I'm probably listening to Alice in Chains, Florence and the Machine, Nine Inch Nails, or classic/90's alt rock.

My dog and cat have achieved maximum cuteness

Here's my desk!

PS: Super shout-out to GM Discodolly who made the froggy and T-rex amigurumi on my desk!

I am Donna, aka Danicia. I'm the new Community Manager Team Lead at En Masse. My first project to launch is Extra Life, which is a great introduction to the community. The more I get caught up, the more involved I'll be in messaging, reporting, and gathering feedback from the TERA Community. I'll be creating a brand new Community Plan, and hope to roll out some new things *cough* view this thread *cough* Super excited to have Harmonia working for me; she's got a lot of history about TERA and En Masse, so she's been super busy doing a lot of brain dumping to me every day.

Time to share a bunch of stats about me!

  • I've been working in the games industry for 8 years. Before that, I spent 14 years in IT
  • My favorite MMO off all time was Star Wars Galaxies. Beta player until the end when it shut down.
  • I also work for fun in the tabletop RPG space for
  • Green Ronin Publshing
  • I created my own analog games convention,
  • OrcaCon
  • My favorite bands are Rush, Information Society, VNV Nation, Sisters of Mercy, and Parliament.
  • I was born in Oregon, but spent most of my life in Texas. Seahawks vs Cowboys = epic struggle in my heart.
  • Sorting Hat = Hufflepuff, 'natch!
  • I'm the biggest Star Wars nerd on the team. I'm working on a full-sleeve, ESB era
  • I've been attending and working at renaissance festivals since 1982
  • My favorite colors are black, fuchsia, and purple
  • I don't eat sweets.
  • Favorite movies outside of Star Wars original trilogy are Snatch, Master & Commander, Princess Bride, Blue is the Warmest Color, and MST3K's version of Manos: Hands of Fate
  • I am a huge craft beer nerd.
  • Follow me on Untappd.

I'm posting my desktop, but only part of it, as I haven't decorated it with Sailor Moon & Star Wars. Just wait! My desktop background is a photo I took while visiting the Medieval Christmas Markets in Colmar, Alsace in France

I have three cats! Meet Bubastis (13yr), Snickerdoodle (8yr), and Rocket the Rescue Kitten (3yr).

Edited by: Danicia 1 minute ago
Greetings all!

Harmonia and I were talking about the forums (as we do every day) and we were thinking it would be great to have a new introductions thread! Not many of know me, and I'm sure Harmonia has some updates to her intro letter.

I've been on two livestreams so far, and will be co-hosting the Extra Life 24-hour streaming marathon this weekend. See me on the stream with Treeshark, Introducing Gothic Rapture outfits & Danicia, new CM and the Community Chat stream with Harmonia and I.

Let the intros and questions begin!
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