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yes we know and we are working on a fix.

Ok the losses in Fraywind and Skyring were off so we are fixing it.

However, Mayfair's score is still correct.

Previously the contribution was capped at 120 and win was 85. So that gets you 205. We doubled everything, so now the contribution is at 240, and the win is at 170. Since Mayfair got 15300, it was 153 pts added to get 323.

HOWEVER, after maintenance is over, we are going to double the rate you get points as well. So Mayfair would have gotten the 240 pts with 15300 score (306 capped at 240).

We will not be retroactively handing back points.
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MitaraiKeiko on 12/26/2013, 10:44 AM - view
What maintenance? Another one?

We will be doing a short one in 8 minutes to fix the problems raised in this thread.
The points for losing in Fraywind and Skyring will be fixed. The rate of getting contribution points will also be doubled with the maintenance.

Also, we will not be retroactively handing back points.
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