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Hi Dunsford,

We have never had a policy of only doing certain things in chat, so if you experience that in a ticket, please let me know. Rest assured, we approach every ticket and chat with the attitude that we will address the issue if at all possible.
I appreciate the feedback. Unfortunately, you would need to log in to be able to use the chat function, so it would not be there as an option for folks in your situation who are not able to log in. If you let me know the public ID of your account, I will find your ticket and make sure I get it answered for you right away.
Our goal is to have tickets responded to within 24 hours, but that isn't always possible. Right now we are at about 48 hours, so if you have not already received a response, you should very soon.
I just want to remind everyone to keep it civil and not use personal attacks. If there are specific questions about support, I'll be happy to answer them to the extent I am able.
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