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We're extending the weekly server maintenance for an additional 2 hours: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/server-status/topics/42914-Server-Maintenance-Extended

We're working on it as quickly as we can, and will update with more information as they become available.
JustTheTlP on 04/29/2014, 09:17 AM - view
We're in the same boat then. Tera got a real crappy way of keeping us informed when there's a frickin problem. now i gotta re-download the whole game when they decide to fix this trash.

We're under an extended maintenance at the moment. The best way is to wait until our maintenance is done before you download the game/patch.
We are currently investigating the "Unable to Unzip Manifest" error being displayed in the TERA Launcher, and hope to have it resolved momentarily.

(Adding a pinned thread in Server Status forums: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/server-status/topics/42914-Server-Maintenance-Extended )

Update : We did have to extend the maintenance by a bit, but the servers should be back online now.

Thanks again for your patience.
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Ketoth on 04/29/2014, 08:52 AM - view

Is possible know if is a issue that affect all players or just a few?

As this issue appears to be affecting a large amount of players, the maintenance is going to be extended by 2 hours.

As we get more information, we will keep you posted. :)
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The Unable to Unzip Manifest issue should be resolved now, so for anyone still seeing an error message in the blue download bar of their TERA Launcher, please feel free to contact our Support for further assistance resolving the issue : ( http://support.enmasse.com/tera/tickets/submit )
To update everyone, the service is still down for maintenance, which is expected to run until 9am PDT. We are working to determine the cause of the "Unable to unzip manifest" error so that players can enter the game once maintenance is completed. We will update this thread with any additional information we have on the issue.

Thanks for your patience.
To keep everyone updated, we did have to extend the maintenance by a bit, but the servers should be back on line in roughly 20 minutes. We hit an unforeseen snag that caused the unzip error, which needed to be resolved before the servers could be restarted.

Thanks again for your patience.
We're back up and running. Sorry for the delay!
For those having difficulty getting into the game, could you let me know exactly what you are experiencing?
SnowAlice on 04/29/2014, 10:05 AM - view
I have alerady submitted a ticket with support they are telling me that this is a known issue that ticket will be closed

Are you still getting the "unable to unzip manifest" error? Have you closed everything out and reopened it since we announced the servers were back online?
StoLus on 04/29/2014, 10:17 AM - view
I had the "unable to unzip manifest" problem. I did not delete any files. Now "manifest" problem seem to be solved, but for some reason my launcher wants to download 30 GB (odd one, because I did not touched the files)

Could you submit a support ticket on this, and include a screen shot showing the contents of your TERA folder? If you are being asked to download 30gb, then it is likely something happened to one of the main files. I may be able to just provide you with it if I am able to determine which file is missing.
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