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We are incorporating a lot of fixes from the bugs you all are reporting here into our localization for our next major patch. However, some items are not simply localization we can fix at EME. A good example is seen in StarSprites post about Slowing Painblast. The effect is listed as a 100% chance, but as you can see from the chat log, it certainly isn't as simple as that. In our xmls, that is a variable.

"Slowing Painblast" tooltip="$prob chance to decrease opponent's Movement Speed by 50% for 7 seconds." skillName="Painblast"

So some of these things are going to be fixed and that makes me happy. But, some of these things will have to be sent to Bluehole for review.

StarSprite on 04/22/2016, 05:33 PM - view
The painblast glyph for the slow should be reworded, I think. It says it's 100% chance to slow but it actually seems like it can be easily resisted. Either my rng is really good or it's actually a low chance.

I just entered a bug for this. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I looked for all the instances of the old Nostrums being given out, but that was all datasheet searching. I should have looked into the parcel messages too. My bad.

StarSprite on 04/21/2016, 05:33 PM - view
Not related to class skills but something I noticed while leveling.

When you do your first run of Cultists' Refuge the green fairy thing gives you nostrums. This was never updated when we switch from the two different nostrums to the Battle Nostrum. For at least healing classes it still says to use rangers nostrums. It's not a big deal but might be confusing to newer players.

The actual mail sent needs to be updated too.

On it.
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