<b>Chat Support Availability</b>
Due to the amount of resources required to maintain chat and due to the low volume of use by the community this service is not currently being offered. The service may be offered again in the future, depending on new content or new En Masse products. Our support team will continue to support TERA players through the use of email support tickets in order to provide the most efficient and effective service.

<b>Current Issue Resolution Time</b>
Due to the high volume of contacts from players following December’s Knockout update the current response time is between 10 and 12 days. We are making every effort to assist players with technical issues who cannot access TERA first, but are also addressing the oldest tickets with priority. Please be patient as our team works diligently to resolve your issues as quickly as possible.

<b>Requests to Replace Equipment</b>
In the most recent content update to TERA, a change was made that impacted several armor sets within the game. Previously, gear that was intended for a specific class could still be worn by other classes that use that type of armor (Metal, Leather, or Cloth). For example, Slayers could still wear a piece of armor that was intended for Warriors and had a special stat boost that only applied to Warriors. Following the Brawler update, these armors that are intended for one specific class can now only be worn by that one class.

If a character has a piece of gear equipped that is meant for a different class, they will still be able to use it until such time as it is unequipped. Once it has been unequipped it will no longer be wearable by that character. Players should make sure to remove all slotted crystals from the armor before removing it, as they cannot be removed once the armor has been unequipped. Leaving crystals socketed in the armor will also prevent it from being dismantled for feedstock.

Initially TERA Customer Support would swap armor on request for a version wearable by the character. Support is no longer providing this service. This is for a few different reasons. First, it is time consuming as the armor must be swapped manually, and it makes it more difficult for us to answer in a timely manner other issues preventing players from being able to access the game . Second, this modification to the game functionality was intended, and thus circumventing it by swapping armors would run contrary to the intended design of the game. If a player has removed a piece of armor that they cannot re-equip without first removing the crystals, Customer Support will mail those crystals back to the player. It will not be possible, however, for Support to manually swap the item for feedstock.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding on this matter.