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RastaBlabla on 05/31/2015, 08:35 AM - view
i droped quest items and now have problem with continued mission Use hagand invisibility potion
pls give me this hadan invisibility potion but it is story quest, Server Lake of Tears nickname: Magicalgirl

RastaBlabla, I mailed you the quest item in the game :)
RespectfulDad on 06/01/2015, 02:25 AM - view
I was told 9 days for my ticket and that's gotta be some kind of joke. The store spent my EMP without ever confirming anything and now I can't get what I actually wanted. Getting players into the game can be solved with a support thread and low priority ticket flags, whereas SPENDING MY MONEY WITHOUT MY CONSENT seems a little bit more urgent in my opinion.

I'll find your ticket now RespectfulDad and help you out.
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