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Sorx1003, if you have been able to play before but just today you are seeing the ffff.ffff error, then it often means something has changed on your machine that is preventing the game from running properly. Make sure to try all of the steps we have listed in the FAQ, as this covers pretty much everything we know to try for dealing with the error.


If you continue to experience the problem after trying all steps in the FAQ, we will need you to run the diagnostic tool located under the tools menu in the launcher, and send the results to us in a support ticket. This will hopefully help us to get a better sense of what is causing the problem.
It more than likely was a temporary issue on the internet between your ISP and the login server, that caused a delay long enough for it to time out before establishing the connection. If you have already been able to log in and play, then that points to this type of temporary problem. Hopefully you don't encounter it again, but if it becomes a problem, let us know!
We are doing everything that can be done to maximize efficiency, but unfortunately it just takes time to get through the thousands of tickets that have come in. To update you Veldoran, I just took care of your ticket :)

Sorry for the wait.
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