If the launcher is redownloading the Game_-1-50 it means there was a file corrupted in your base game after attemping to apply the reaper patch Game_50-52.

Some base files in the game may have been corrupted, but they were not checked when you play the game and no patch had touched it, so it has not affected your game so far. Since Reaper is a big patch and changing a lot of the base files, the corruption is found during applying the patch, and the game now has to fix the base file by redownloading and reinstalling.

If you had modified any of your game files, this will most likely happen. Before you patch, remove all of your mods are recommended. Also sometimes game files get corrupted even when you don't modify your game client.

Let the launcher do its thing and finish the download and patch.
Edited by: Aliila 7 months ago