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To confirm, this hat will be back at our store very soon (not in strongboxes). It also works for both male and female characters. :)
MegaMouseGW on 06/13/2013, 11:16 AM - view
I would rather be whipped by a wet noodle by Minea than buy that hat. Common when are we getting the pirate costumes already.

You sure about that? >:)

(Thanks, Roda! :) )
In case you haven't seen it, the Soft Kitty hat is available at our web store. (It's not available at the in-game store, the Soft Kitty hat is a special item to celebrate our web store opening. :) )
@Manko, Yeah, we'd like to do that as well. Count it as our long term goal. :)
The hat was added to the store this morning, but had to be removed due to some technical issues. I believe it will be returned very soon.

EDIT: You can find the hat on our web store: https://store.enmasse.com/tera
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