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Either way should work. Just make sure to include the main account's information please. :)

(Also just in case you haven't checked the junk mail, sometimes it gets filtered... Please make sure communications at communications.enmasse.com is included in the safe list.)
If you used the AOL email address, please try inputting a different email address since you are not able to receive anything there. (But do include your main account's information in the ticket please)
I recommend selecting the description of the issue you're experiencing from the dropdown menu. You should be able to reach our team. :)

1. Go to http://support.enmasse.com/tickets/submit
2. Click on "contact support" at the bottom of the page's body text under "Contact Support" (Right after the paragraph on 'User Authentication Failed')
3. Select TERA > I can't log into my account > I did not receive the account armor email, or the code is not working.

After you select the above choices and click on "Submit a ticket", you should see the following without logging into your account:

Do you have the ticket number of the original support ticket that you sent in? It should not have been a month without any reply. I apologize if it fell through the cracks for reason. Please send me the ticket number and I'll pass it to the CS team to check it out.
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