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Did any of you who are having download trouble ever make a hosts file edit in the process of past troubleshooting attempts?
For this, try doing a manual reinstallation of the launcher files:

1. Browse to your TERA folder
2. Delete only Live-New-Launcher.version
3. Ensure that you are able to view hidden files and folders: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-vista/show-hidden-files
4. Browse to C:\Users\Your.Name\AppData\Local\ where Your.Name is your login name for your PC
5. Delete the TERA folder inside of Local
6. Download TERA-Setup.exe and run it, using the same installation folder as TERA is currently installed to: http://download.enmasse.com/TERA-Setup.exe
7. Run the launcher again

If you are having trouble with the download link (slow, etc.) I'd recommend changing your DNS servers to Google's public DNS servers:
1. Open the Start Menu, and then the Control Panel
2. Click on View network status and tasks (assuming you are viewing by Category)
3. Click on your active Internet connection, usually titled 'Local Area Connection' or 'Wireless Connection'
4. Click Properties
5. Click to highlight Internet Protocol Version 4, and then click Properties
6. Make sure you're on the General tab, and toggle the bottom option (DNS) to Use the Following
7. For Preferred, enter
8. For Alternate, enter
9. Okay out of all of those windows
10. From the Start Menu, type 'cmd' and press Enter
11. Type 'ipconfig /flushdns' and press Enter
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