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BioIllusion on 09/10/2015, 02:50 PM - view
this is a sad day for tera, the only 2 nice people in this company are gone.

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You can be Thorin and Harmonia can be the handkerchief I forget. :D

Don't forget meeeeeee, Minea! :(

Thank you all for the kind words. I'm at this weird stage where I am happy and sad at the same time for the same reason, but I'll still be around in TERA and on Twitter.

DeliciousMami on 09/10/2015, 03:37 PM - view

You've killed me. :{

However, it was a fine adventure we had. :{

You can be Thorin and Harmonia can be the handkerchief I forget. :D
The reason behind my decision is explained in the post, guys. Let's not spread a false rumor.

It was so hard to decide to leave, I literally waited till the very last day. I'm flying out on the next day, 9/15. >_<
Dear Community,

Today I want to share with you the most difficult decision I have ever made – to take an opportunity to travel abroad and leave En Masse as of September 14.

I made this personal choice to spend more time with my family who have been traveling abroad for work, and to pursue the dream of international travel. While I am wildly excited about getting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like this to visit Europe, the decision had to be made almost immediately to accommodate the travel schedule. And it simply wouldn’t be fair for me to suddenly take such long and frequent breaks away from the game, En Masse teams, and most of all, the TERA community.

I joined En Masse in February 2010 in the role of a Production Assistant/Translator to help the communication between Bluehole and En Masse, and it was during the closed beta tests in early 2012 that I became the Community Manager. Seeing everyone rushing in when the servers opened and watching the Primes get their titles are some of the things I remember, but what I felt during those days can be best described as a whirlwind of happiness despite the long hours in the office. The last five and half years I’ve spent at En Masse with you definitely have been the most exhilarating and rewarding time of my life, not to mention that I got to follow my passion for games and working in the game industry.

TERA is a living and breathing game that is always changing, and we have a lot of exciting stuff coming. As mentioned in the latest Producer’s Letter, we will see the instance dungeon and gold drop improvements soon, which are based on our community’s feedback. We also have new content to look forward to, including the changes in the beginning island and the new class, Brawler! I will be enjoying these as a player, and I hope to run into you on CH or HW sometime when I'm back home. :)

I myself am in a bit of shock at how fast the days are passing by, but I am happy that the TERA community will be in the hands of those who are committed to TERA. The En Masse team will step up to make sure that we communicate directly with you. In addition to continuing the Stuff of the Week, you will see more of Denommenator, Treeshark(after his honeymoon, of course), Harmonia and other staff on the forums, and we are looking for a Community Team Lead for our community.

I will treasure the fun we had, but my fondest memories will always be of you all - the TeamSpeak piano concert in Bastion, TERA rap battle in a guild voice chat, telling scary stories outside of the Eldritch Academy during Halloween, meeting you in person at PAX East & Prime, and talking to you about random stuff in game or on the forums. TERA may be just a game, but I love that I was able to connect with you as a person through TERA, even just for that moment.

Thank you all for being a part of TERA, and a part of my life.

Catherine “Minea” Park

P.S.: For those who wish to keep in touch, here is my Twitter.

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