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Hey Grahf,

Are you using the HappyCloud installer? If I remember correctly, I believe it starts with lower resolution textures so that you are able to get into game faster. If this is the case, then letting the download complete should hopefully take care of this issue.
Hi Grahf, welcome back to TERA!

I have to say, this is not a problem I have ever heard from another player. This is really odd sounding! The unfortunate thing this means is we don't have any established troubleshooting steps or FAQs to address this kind of issue directly.

I do have a few thoughts though. Firstly, do you use any software to modify your graphics settings? Sometimes these "global" configurations can have issues in specific games. If you run any software from your graphics card manufacturer, I'd suggest reviewing those settings.

Does the problem exist in all modes (windowed/windowed full screen/full screen)? I recommend trying them all to see if there is any difference.

Our support team is happy to take a look at your diagnostic file and assist you with the troubleshooting process, so I recommend opening a support ticket: http://support.enmasse.com/tera
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