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Yep! From tomorrow's patch notes:

Halloween Event

- Event is extended until November 14.
- Prices have been adjusted for Halloween candy redemptions.
---The candy cost of Riding Skill: BoneShaker has been lowered to 450.
--- The candy cost of Care and Use of Your Pet: Boo has been lowered to 250.
Here are some hints to the Harvest Festival Hall Dungeon:

Kiling the gourdo will slow down all monsters for a while (also get 400 points).
Aim for the ghosts!
Killing a ghost will give you a random effect to all monsters in the dungeon:
- all monsters take 25% of their total hp in damage except the floating bones
- lower all monsters' defenese
- speed all monsters up

You always want to kill the big guys: the rider (300 points) and hallowbones (1500 points, big guy with the giant sword). They worth the most points.

We did notice there are some shots from the cannon do not work.
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