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Blast from the past! Please reference the other threads about this issue, like:

Seikon on 04/19/2012, 12:56 PM - view
Horrah, so one step closer to finding out the problem, maybe, perhaps? But En Masse probably isn't reading this lol.

Oh, we're definitely reading the forums. This is something we're investigating.
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We've prepared a manual patch which may resolve this issue.

Download Link: http://patch.tera.enmasse-game.com/temp/EN_13to14.zip

1. Unzip into your TERA main directory. Example: C:\Users\YOURNAMEHERE\Games\TERA\

2. Run your launcher.

3. The launcher will check the client and patch if necessary.

4. The play button should now appear to be active.

5. Press play!

6. Tell us if it worked for you.

Thanks for hanging in there, folks.
Check the OP for a manual patch to test for us.

Next step towards a solution:

We need diagnostic information from folks experiencing the error to help us narrow down which network(s) are causing the problems. If you're familiar with how to run a traceroute, please run "tracert diag.enmasse.com" and email the results to: 7tWHd9MmaHM4@enmasse.com

We’ll try to divine as much information from your results as possible.
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Next next step:

Find your ReleaseRevision.txt file in the following directory:


In this text file, what is the value of "ReleaseName"? It should be the string "EME" followed by some numbers.
Thanks, all. We're close to a solution here. Next update coming in a few minutes.
The ffff:ffff issue should now be resolved. Please restart your launcher and log in. The fix may take a few minutes to register, please try again if the error appears. We're also working on an alternative solution if the error persists.

Thanks for hanging in there, folks. We appreciate it.
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This issue should be resolved. Thank you for your patience!
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