Thanks, this is great feedback! I want to provide a bit of extra context around the type of updates we will provide for this event. We know how important status updates are in helping everyone prioritize their targets and how each hunt is going.

We'll be providing updates regularly, but generally not precise numbers on the first day. The information we use, while accurate, is not up-to-the-minute current (it lags behind where the *actual* progress is). That's why we take a look at the numbers and give a rough forecast for how it looks to start.

Today when we get updated information we'll have more accurate estimates to share (and possibly one or two marks to cross off entirely!).

We may be able to provide something more concrete, like "50,000 to go" but we won't know until we see the data.

TL:DR, the closer we get to the end of a hunt, the more detailed the information will be.
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