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All of us want to make sure you guys can get into the game quickly and have your privacy and security as our priority.

Our Support team is currently working on this, hang in there please.
Also please make sure to check the submitted ticket status, as I'm told that we've been answering them as well.

We don't just go home when stuff like this happens. We're investigating right now. Once we have a better explanation of the issue, we will update the thread.

Yes even after the live chat is over. We obviously try our best to keep things good and positive around the clock ;).

With that said, can you guys try again now please and give me an update?

Grettna on 02/19/2013, 06:51 PM - view
You kind of asked for panic when the previous staff member said all the messages were justified. We do appreciate your help, it's just worry, especially from the people who have put a hell of a lot of time / money into the game.

I completely understand, no worries :).

Can you guys try again and let me know the results?
Great. Thanks for the update.

Sorry for the panic guys.
TsFH on 02/19/2013, 07:01 PM - view
Updated my ticket, lets try again.

You should be able to. Close everything and try again.
victorianrobot on 02/19/2013, 07:05 PM - view
I just wanna say you guys are awesome. I got this same exact error the first time I tried logging into EU Tera to make my characters for the first time. I sent in a ticket and got the response "don't use tunneling or vpn" (I don't use that crap nor do I know how to use it) and they closed my ticket without waiting for a response or trying to help me figure out what was going on. As a new player, that was very confusing and I just gave up on it.

So yeah, you guys take care of things in a much more thoughtful and quick fashion. I can understand why people are moving over to NA Tera. Keep on doing what you're doing, it's appreciated. :P

We appreciate the kind words. We do our best to act quickly. Sometimes it's not as quick as we want it, but we are working fast in the back end.

Now get off the forums! Go play!
TsFH on 02/19/2013, 07:11 PM - view
Now i keep getting this "Authentication error", and keep logging off

You my friend, looks like you have a different problem altogether. Need to look into your account further.
TsFH on 02/19/2013, 07:42 PM - view
This sucks, after i've been called to being blocked because of a fraudulent behavior, the answers in the ticket support became slower

Don't lose hope. I think we'll need to figure out why it's doing that. Unfortunately, it might not be until tomorrow. I don't have all the tools and knowledge to figure out why at the moment :\

PM me, so i'll remember.
According to our support section, that error message means this.
I sent the CS team a poke to have them look into this, just to make sure we didn't accidentally declare war on Canada or something.
The CS team and I will review these accounts and take appropriate action. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
After reviewing the accounts in question, this authentication error message appears to be correct. Your only recourse is to contact customer support.
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