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We've seen a few of these come in in the past hour or so. This seems to be caused either by a previous hosts file edit or an ISP's DNS servers not properly resolving our patch server's http address.

To find out, open up cmd in the Start Menu and try pinging our patch server by typing the following line and pressing enter
ping patch.tera.enmasse-game.com

A. If the result is something about 'ping request unable to resolve host' I recommend changing your DNS servers to Google's public DNS servers: http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch001161.htm

B. If the ping completes, check the brackets to see what the IP address is. If it's 50.7.180,170, you'll need to edit your hosts file and remove the previous redirect:
1. Close the launcher if it is open
2. From the start menu, type notepad
3. Right click on Notepad.exe and choose to Run as Administrator
4. Click on File->Open
5. In the bottom right corner, change it from Text Documents to All Files
6. Browse to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\
7. Click on hosts and then click Open
8. If there is any line that does not start with a #, and has x.x.x.x patch.tera.enmasse-game.com, remove it
9. Click on File->Save
10. Click on File->Exit

This should hopefully resolve your issue. If not, feel free to submit a Support ticket or jump into Live Chat if is available.
Assuming that node doesn't run into any trouble :). I would recommend only using a hosts file edit as a temporary fix.
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