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If you are still having FPS problems, please contact customer support. If your FPS problems are new, please contact customer support. Remember to let customer support know if the problem has been going on for a while or if it is new when you contact them.
We are still working for improvements on this, we have experienced it within our office too. It also seems to happen on some days and less so on other days on the same computer.. We've been forwarding all of the information we can get and are working with Bluehole. I know it sucks and we absolutely agree, we'll continue using this thread to update everyone.
Folks, if you are experiencing this issue and could share a recorded video of how it freezes from when you start the game, we'd really appreciate it. We'll forward them as well.
Rannug on 08/26/2015, 09:13 AM - view
I took a video of my BAM slideshow and will post it later when back home.

We are currently investigating this issue with Bluehole, so this video would be really helpful. Thank you and will look for it later today.
Thank you, we're continuing to look into what could be causing this further. :/

Excluding the TERA folder from Windows Defender/Microsoft Security Essentials seems to be what other players are having the most success with for now, but it was also noted that they turn themselves on periodically.
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During this morning's maintenance we implemented a potential fix for the game freezing issue. (For more details, please see the news post here.)

We are opening this thread up to gather feedback to see if there are improvements. Please let us know by replying in this thread if you see or don't see any improvements.
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