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Here is our updated details on what's been going on and the announcement for the potential fix for this issue during the maintenance early tomorrow morning.
We're aware that this is still an issue for many of our players and it remains our priority. :( We are currently working to give a more detailed information as well, and we'll share this a bit later today.

(From the reports we've seen and gathered, the temporary workaround that has the most success rate seems to be whitelisting/excluding the TERA folder to whichever antivirus program. (One community example: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/Are-you-having-FPS-stuttering-issues-lately-This-is-the-fix))
Thank you, folks. I'll forward the replies.
We just tried another fix.

Could you try exiting the launcher completely, restarting and repairing it again please?
Okay, it sounds like we are getting mixed results at best. Thank you for letting us know.

Aside from the temporary workaround of whitelisting the TERA folder in Windows Defender, etc., we will continue to look into this.
XZeroX on 08/21/2015, 06:02 PM - view
Everything seems to be working smoothly now, thank you.

Were you having game freeze issues before? Did you restart the launcher and repair?
Hi everyone, please keep your comments to the topic at hand. We're looking for information from anyone who was previously affected by the game loading/freezing issue and has tried the troubleshooting steps.
The fix has been implemented. If you were experiencing issues before, could you try logging into the game and let us know if it has been resolved?

Some of our players are experiencing an issue loading the game or seeing extremely frequent game freezes that makes the game unplayable.

We are currently implementing a fix with the hope that it will resolve the issue, but we expect the implementation to take us a few hours. The current ETA is approximately at 7 p.m. PDT, and we will continue using this thread to update you.

Once it is complete, please exit completely from the launcher, restart, and use the "repair" function of the launcher.


(We've seen some community comments that temporarily whitelisting TERA in Windows Defender / Microsoft Security Essentials, so this may be worth a try if you are comfortable with this.)
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