This Friday, I'll be providing an in-depth, on-air tutorial experience on Twitch titled "How to Die in FIHM." I'll cover every possible aspect of dying in FIHM, from burning to stabbing to freezing (my favorite) to just plain old bludgeoning. Gil Grissom would have a hard time diagnosing the multitude of fatal infliction I'm about to receive.

I won't be dying alone, however. Members of the TERA community will be by my side. But who?! Details TBA.

This will be a learning experience, but that won't stop me from also giving away sweet swag to those who hang out in the chat and join in on the fun. Watch this Friday starting at 3:00 PM PDT on the En Masse Entertainment Twitch channel!


A big thanks to Episky, Coco.Nut, Hyzenthlay, and Vi.Vice of Ascension Valley for their help last week clearing Dreadspire lower floors! We beat Kelsaik's butt good, and got ourselves some top floor tickets in the process!

En Masse Entertainment's new Producer Lawllipops joined me last week for an introduction. He answered a few questions about himself while providing top tier tactical information on Dreadspire consisting of "stop dying" and "do better." Without his expertise and morale boost, Montori would have crushed us all into cloud dust and scattered our remains off the side of the spire.

Here are some screenshots taken during the stream :)

Pre-Dreadspire sendoff party. Many players gathered to see us alive one last time!

A fierce team, ready for pain.

Another hero pic, this time with that dumb CM out of the shot.

Another crowd shot. Porkchan is angry. Someone told her Tempest Reach was pleasantly warm this time of year.