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@Ketoth Thanks, I was just about to pin the thread when.... SQUIRREL! :)
Kyra’s Potion Shack is Back!
The in-game Halloween festivities will continue through November 5! We'll have a new Headhunt available on Monday, as well as updated event prizes and some old favorites returning to the TERA store.

For the latest information on the current Halloween Headhunt, follow this thread. The current set of headhunts will conclude at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday and include the targets listed below.

If you have any catalysts that cannot be used, please contact our support team and the GMs will assist you. Be sure to select the following issue type when submitting your support ticket: "I have an issue in game" -> I have a question about an event or promotion" -> Kyra's Potion Shack Inquiry"

Update on Dungeon Drops
On Tuesday we made the first in a series of end game dungeon drop changes by increasing the drop rate of Inferno Ore in VoK, Timescape, AI, and Shattered Fleet. There will be additional changes on the way in the coming weeks and months. Next week's changes will include the following:

- Yana will drop t7 feedstock in place of t6 feedstock (NM/HM)
- Yana has an increased chance to drop masterwork alkahest in greater quantities (NM/HM)
- Yana will drop more Dyad Niveot Structures (HM only)

- Kaprima Reborn will drop t7 feedstock in place of t6 feedstock
- Kaprima Reborn has an increased chance to drop MES in greater quantities

Akeron's Inferno
- Duras will drop t7 feedstock in place of t6 feedstock (NM/HM)

Shattered Fleet
- Barbosa will drop t7 feedstock in place of t6 feedstock

Gothic Rapture Costume Preview Livestream
We'll be previewing the winning costumes as designed by the TERA community and created by the team at Bluehole on Tuesday, and these costumes will become available on October 29!

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