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Hey now, I read your post. It was very informative. I even tested the issue while looking at your screenshots. In fact, I showed them to the QA guy next to me who also commented on your nice use of highlights.

You may not get a comment from an EME employee when posting to the BUG thread. Mostly, these posts are consolidated for review. When I have time I like to jump in and toss a comment back so that you know we are alive and working our [filtered] off to get these issues resolved.

When looking at this specific issue I was reviewing three different threads, yours included. I just rando decided to post here. So please remember, SingleBear loves you all equally.
In testing, the thralls have no issue attacking Corsairs' siege vehicles.

The thrall not doing damage to the Anchorstone is bugged.
Sorry for all the gunner turret OPness. The developer is working on balance and bugs. I will look into the mystic thrall issue.
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