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I can't say I understand why there are "invisible" hardcoded chains along side a system that allows user designed skill chains.

With the reaper we noticed BHS was taking a very aggressive approach with hard coded chains. It's their design decision.

If you guys aren't happy about the design please be vocal (constructively) about it. Let us here your thoughts. We can then consolidate your concerns and ideas and present them to the developer.

BUT, don't do it here in this thread. This is a bug forum and not for design discussion. Go start a new thread in the general forums and ask for Treeshark to stop by for a discussion.
Following skills have hard-coded chain skills associated with them:

• Arcane Barrage: Replenishment
• Rolling Reload: Scattershot
• Scattershot: (in order of priority) Arc Bomb, Arcane Barrage, Time Bomb, Rolling Reload, and Replenishment
• Point Blank: (in order of priority) Arc Bomb, and Scattershot
• Replenishment: (in order of priority) Arc Barrage, and Scattershot
Unfortunately, there are hard coded chains in the game that the player cannot edit. This is the intended functionality.

As you have noticed, Scattershot has five priority hard coded chains.
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