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Hey everyone,
We have a bittorrent for our TERA: Rising installer now. Please bear in mind that this is the FULL INSTALLER for the client.

You can find more information here: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/downloading-tera-via-torrent

Just clarified the Nexus Quest rewards.

Also clarified the new Champions' Skyring rewards.
We'll have a fix for Murderous Intent sometime today or tomorrow.
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Mounts will be cycled in and out when we get cool ones to offer for the Elite Status. There is no set time frame for when they get switched out, but we will give a heads up when we do.
Divinerage on 03/05/2013, 11:12 AM - view
duct on 03/05/2013, 11:11 AM
by mounts and diamonds for the seasonal leaders was not ment by just 3v3's it was also ment by the new dungeon rankings leadersboards also which earn u 3 diamonds and a smolder mount

Yes, But if you look at the Crucible of Flame specifics, it states exclusive mount and diamonds and murderous intent. None of which was given as promised, EVEN after receiving the ranking achievement.

I got rank 1 in BG's, got my diamonds as promised, no problems there.
I've seen people with the smoldering lion, as promised, no problems there.

I'll look into what's going on with Murderous Intent.

As for what you get... for 3v3s (Champion's Skyring), you get murderous intent as the special reward. There is no mount, and we have never stated you get a mount.

For Crucible of Flame, the new dungeon, there is a smoldering lion mount associated with that.
Misleading wording has been removed. Thanks.
This is correct. You will just get double the XP, and it will not display as anything other than normal. The (+1000exp) is for rested XP.
This thread is kind of ironic. Bash us all you want, but I don't see this going down a good path. Locking.
If you purchased an account bound mount, you have to log out of the game and launcher completely. When you get back in, go to Item Claim from your menu bar (not from the store), and then go to your Account Items tab.

That last part about not using the Item Claim from the store is a bug and will be fixed.
We have restored all the characters. Some still remain unrestored due to us needing customer involvement, but 99% of the cases are fixed.

Thank you everyone for your patience.
Anger leads to hate. hate leads to...
We are aware and working of the login issues. People in the servers are able to still play.
There is no speculation as to whether the two things are directly related or not. We are dealing with the matter currently.

The store will also be down until we can fix this problem. This was intentionally brought down.

Thanks, and I will update more when I can.
Belacroix on 02/24/2013, 05:04 PM - view
Treeshark on 02/24/2013, 04:51 PM
There is no speculation as to whether the two things are directly related or not.

I have hard time believing this. If you're trying to avoid player speculation, at least lie in a way that doesn't make your company sound completely inadequate. I mean a 3rd grader could connect the two as being possibly linked. That was probably your first thought.

"No speculation" just sounds clueless. No one on Earth is that brain-dead.

Players are free to speculate whatever they want :). I guess what I meant to say is that we have no reason to believe that these things are directly related (yet).
The 10pm is just for tonight.
Hey all we are on the situation. Apologies for the lack of communication about this.
It's still down. We are working on bringing it back up and investigating tonight's issues.
I am looking into these now.
If you have responded to this thread and have not gotten your character back, please PM me.
The TR server went down for OTHER reasons. We are investigating, no ETA at this time.
To address the issues we saw last night all servers will go down for an emergency maintenance at 5am PST. Expected downtime is around 30 minutes.
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These servers are now up. Please expect that we will take a downtime in the next few hours to apply a fix on all servers to address what happened tonight. We will give proper notification when this happens.
it does include Tempest Reach (all servers). Apologies for the inconvenience.
Hey Everyone,

Last night we ran into some issues where certain players used an exploit to disrupt our service. We have applied a hotfix to address this issue and will continue to monitor the service closely. We take these matters very seriously and appreciate your patience.


These threads aren't constructive. If you want to complain about a bug with the Canephora pots, or how they should stack, or if a tool tip is off, go ahead.
Thanks everyone for the support on this. As you can see from the server status sub-forum, we will have to take another quick outage soon. This isn't the most ideal situation or the ideal time, but will help further in keeping everyone more secure.

Thanks again.
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The intention is not to have 1 a day. If you can only vote for one, likely you vote for the one you really want. Given enough user responses we can see a good distribution of what times in a day are good for people. We also didn't want people checking 5-6 times as that is rather useless to us in the long run of the poll.
We just pushed out a new launcher/patcher.
I can confirm this. Although, not sure when it will get fixed, but it happens around a dungeon teleportal.
Thanks! I'll pass this on to our guys that actually made the launcher :).
These changes will come here at the same time. We will post something soon (today) that will also answer more questions related to the changes in the Nexus.
First, this will hit sometime in March. There may be smaller patches until then, but this one is in March. There will be other things in the patch as well, but this post centers around the Nexus. while it will hopefully answer most of your questions, it may also raise questions. We will try to answer what we can, but it probably won't be until closer to the patch time :).

Now onto the changes in the Nexus:

Nexus Opening

• A new announcement will happen in-game 10 minutes before the Nexus opens up. With this announcement, 4 NPC's will spawn at each Nexus location on the map.
• Players will have to manually get the Nexus quest from these NPC's. As long as you are one of the first 120 people to talk to any of the NPC's for that Nexus spawn, you'll get the quest and can participate in that Nexus. (This quest will no longer be automatic)
• All the Nexus you need will spawn from the start, along with the NPCs. The number that spawn will remain the same, and no new ones will spawn once one closes.

Nexus Quest

• As stated earlier, if you are among the first 120 people in the Nexus spawn, you will get the quest. If you leave the Nexus, the quest will be automatically cancelled.
• If you are the 121st player, you can choose to participate and attack the monsters in the Nexus, but you will not get a quest, nor any rewards or a NT stack.
• The actual quest objectives will remain the same (finish all the stages of the Nexus).
• Everyone must pick up their own quest. Your raid leader can't do this for you.

Inside the Nexus

• Monsters in the Nexus will no longer drop reputation motes. Because of this, quest reward tables will be adjusted accordingly. The amount of Reputation points, Reputation XP, and gold rewards will be heavily increased for each Nexus stage and the Nexus Traverse.
• The Nexus Traverse will now be accessible after closing just one Nexus.
• The debuff for reducing the HP within a Nexus spawn will be removed. All other buffs and debuffs in the Nexus will stay.

Nexus Markers on the Mini-Map

• Markers on the mini map will be adjusted.
• Blue Nexus Symbol - when less than 50% of the receivable Nexus quests are available
• Yellow Nexus Symbol - when somewhere between 51% to 70% of receivable Nexus quests are available.
• Red Nexus Symbol - when somewhere between 71% to 99% of receivable Nexus quests are available.
• A lock icon will be displayed when no more Nexus Quests are available
• The remaining number of Nexus quests will be shown in an exact number. In other words, if there are 55 quests out of the initial 120 available, it will tell you exactly that.

And most importantly. If you finish a Nexus spawn, go finish the Nexus Traverse, you can go finish another Nexus spawn (and its quests if available), if you want to. You will not be able to complete another Nexus Traverse, however.

You're welcome to post any questions and we will answer what we can. This is all the information we currently have on the Nexus changes for now, though. Please be patient with us in the mean time :).

-Treeshark out.
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Nexus Times may also change due to this. I've made a survey that you can find here.

We will take the results of this survey into consideration, but the results won't necessarily be final.
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I've posted a link to a survey for times on the first page of this thread. Please cast your vote :)
The 7 day timer applied to the time that this thread was originally created.
In an effort to get this thread back on track:

The Tawny Huntress pack is not limited to US only. Canadians can get them too. If your box code will work to get you the founder's status, I see no reason why it wouldn't give you the Tawny Huntress pack as well. Well, the only reason I could see is if there was tampering behind the scenes of the code or the box at the retail level (used codes, returned boxes, etc..) of which EME has no control over.
Xlysin on 02/18/2013, 04:57 PM - view
Yeah, I had a suspicion that it wasn't just limited to the US after my friend told me that he claimed his copy. It's weird that my copy is invalid because I purchased it only recently (I believe 1-2 weeks ago, way after December 12 when the event started) and the condition was brand new. Had the original price tag ($29.99) on the wrapping that shows that the game was factory sealed.

EDIT: Also, believe me, I entered the code backwards letter for letter more times then I could care to keep track of. Failed on me every time. If I was able to claim the founder as Treeshark said, there shouldn't be any reason that the tawny pack doesn'tt work but it just seems to not work. :S

EDIT2: Just dug up the receipt for when I purchased the game. Purchased on 02/10/13 (February 10th, 2013).

We'll look into what happened, but it may not be until tomorrow. Please consider that we don't discuss personal account issues in a public forum, so any more information that we need, or to exchange will be done privately :).

1) It is with the old servers (MT, TR, CH)
2) They are fixed now
3) You will have to ask them. But the dungeon matching is also with the old servers.

We are looking at ways to address queue times on our servers.
The 7pmEST/4pmPST reset time is not ideal in our book either. However, at the previous reset time we were encountering a lot of problems with users not getting their Elite boosts reset. While we fix this issue, we are reverting back to the default time of 4pmPST.

It is a temporary thing and we'll switch it back when we know we can. I can offer no ETA on this in the meantime, however.
This thread has turned awful. Locking.
False, LT and AV are not allowed transfers anywhere.
It may not be up today but it will certainly be up by Tuesday. Our GMs are a little busy at the moment :(
You need to contact support, or at least provide more information than this. Screenshots? Is your caps lock on?
We are actually separate companies. Bluehole is a developer focused on developing Tera, and En Masse is a publisher focused on publishing Tera, as well as other games in the future. While we have a tight relationship with Bluehole, we are not the developers, and cannot make any of the substantive changes listed.
We are a subsidiary, not a branch, like your link states. They are two different things. They have a vested interest in our success.

It still does not change the fact that we are a publisher and not a developer.
There have been lots of talk surrounding this especially after the recent 3v3 patch. I have full clarification from BHS on what happened, and whether you like it or hate it, here is what the deal is.
On this line:
  • The issue regarding charging skills for Berserkers and Archers being cancelled due to the high chance of stagger has been corrected.

    This is actually a mis translation, or at least it is too vague to convey what actually happened. This is what it really means:
  • The charging skills of the berserkers and archers being too easily cancelled when attacked by monsters

    When K-Tera initially made the patch, berserkers and archers were getting staggered in PVE and that was not the intent
  • (PVP only), so they patched it. Since we never had to go through all that, that line was not in our patch notes.

    Obviously this does not solve everyones complaints about the current state of stagger locking in the game and that's something I'm pushing them on. In the meantime, I needed to give you all clarification on this line and what it actually means.

    I will keep digging on how class balancing is going on the other side of the pond, but please consider this the final word on this line from the fan translated patch notes.
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    Hey everyone, it's gonna roll out to everyone starting today. We hope to get everyone their EMPs by the end of the week. We didn't want to be all "HEY LOOK" until everyone got theirs, but I guess this thread will do.
    They are not used for anything else than to sell back to merchants.
    We are taking a whole maintenance tomorrow morning to figure out what's wrong with this :)
    It is based on your time in game.

    And don't bump. Minea will find you.
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    Queues for Valley of Titans should be fixed now.

    Also, everyone should have their Elite Boosts reset at 4pm. It will go back to 4am once we are 100% sure that works. IF it is not resetting at 4PM PST, please let us know.
    Dealing with congestion was *one* of the reasons we opened up this server.

    I want everyone here on VoT to know that this is not a temporary server :).
    We have a maintenance on all servers to address the issue with dungeon matching on some servers, as well as a workaround for Elite Status Bar Boosts refresh issue as we continue to work on a fix.

    The following servers will be unavailable from 7a.m. PST to 9 a.m. PST:

    • Mount Tyrannas - PvP
    • Lake of Tears - PvP
    • Valley of Titans - PVP
    • Tempest Reach - PvE
    • Ascension Valley - PvE
    • Celestial Hills - RP PvE

    For real-time server status, please refer to the Server Status page and pilot your spaceship! Thanks for your patience!
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    Hello! :)

    Yes, we realize that this apparent thing about berserkers is not in our patch, or doesn't appear to be. Yes, we realize that other things in this patch made it, but not this. Doesn't make sense, right? I, too, would like to know why my zerker is now broken. I've inquired about it, however please realize that their whole country just went through a national holiday, even though ours didn't. Yes, I know, that's crazy and no excuse. Blargh!

    I *could* add that line into the patch notes, which seems to be what some of you are asking for,but it's not going to fix the problem in the game. It would also be incorrect, and instead of posts about "missing patch notes", we would get "incorrect patch notes."

    TL;DR We have not forgotten about you zerkers, but adding lines of text into the patch notes isn't going to fix anything so please be patient.

    You can rez others, but GoR and VoR cannot be used. (3v3)
    We'll look into this!
    The amount of rating points rewarded for a win in PvP Arena has been decreased.

    We didn't miss this. We didn't include it because we never had Arenas, so technically nothing was ever changed for you.
    The issue regarding charging skills for Berserkers and Archers being cancelled due to the high chance of stagger has been corrected.

    This is the same as above. There is no reference point in NA to compare what stagger was like to what it was now. Safe to say it's better now than before.
    The stagger/knockdown effect has been removed from Sorcerer's Void Pulse skill.

    We didn't miss this either. The first patch notes had it in there, and then we took it out. The sum of if for the NA TERA is that Void Pulse has had no changes in regards to knockdown.
    The movement increase speed of Glyph of Fleetfoot for Archer's Web Arrow skill has been corrected. It is now 10 instead of 12.

    We might have missed this, I'll look into it.
    The cooldown for Priest skill Kaia's Shield has been decreased from 75 seconds to 50 seconds.
    The cooldown for Priest skill Guardian Sanctuary has been decreased from 40 to 35 seconds.

    We didn't miss this. These are in the patch notes.

    It can be a bit tricky when bringing over multiple patches, especially when everyone is readiing every patch note that gets made. It seems kind of silly, that if in the same patch notes page, we list "Now X does this" and then a few lines later, have it say "Well, X no longer does this." So we don't include the change to X at all. For the same reason, if in one patch, "Y gets +20 increase" and then later "Y gets a -8 decrease", what we end up putting is "Y gets a +12 increase".

    I hope this makes sense.
    Edited by: Treeshark almost 2 years ago - Reason: editing.
    The patch notes posted by Kilrnub were from 11/8. That was the one I was responding to. We are NOT caught up to the 1/10 patch.
    I'll dig further into the zerker and archer changes. To say something has been "corrected" can mean a lot, but I'll have clarification next week.
    We started a tad bit late but dungeon drop weekend is in full effect now. It doesn't party how you get into the dungeon or with who.
    After some verification with our test servers and live, I can confirm that the event is running as intended. It is a double drop rate, not just double drop, so keep that in mind.

    It will be up when it's ready. This thread server no purpose, however, and is just devolving into attacks, so I am locking.
    Hey Drastikxx, I've forwarded this onto support. They will contact you shortly, somehow :).
    Sorry everyone. We're researching the causes behind these crashes. I'll post when the make up nexus time will be as well.
    Thanks Maiya.

    You are correct. If you are a Founder, that status applies to all servers. You may have to log on to that server to activate it though, if you have never done so.
    The distance was not nerfed, the camera no longer lags behind you so it just feels that way.
    We are still in the process of delivering the Elite Items. Some people have them already, but we expect the deliveries to last until tonight, or at latest early tomorrow.

    (no one reads my in-game announcement message :( )
    Some Lumbertown Quests are currently bugged. We are looking at a resolution right now. You can ignore them and progress normally though.
    @Ekin - Yes.
    Hey Everyone,
    Please see this FAQ for past issues for TERA: Rising. this FAQ

    These are the common known issues surrounding the 19.04.03 patch
  • Dragging the Elite Jeweled Lion to the shortcut bar results with no lion icon in the shortcut bar. Pressing the shortcut, however, will still work.
  • Enchantment Correction now incorrectly states messages about HP or what not. It's still just enchantment correction.

    We will update this continuously.

  • Edited by: Treeshark over 1 year ago
    Grace of Resurrection is not allowed in the 3v3, and is outlined in our game guide.

    If you have a character above level 40, you can set that character into "to be deleted" mode, but it won't be deleted for 24 hours. Then you can log in to the character you actually want to delete and make the necessary changes to get it removed. After that, you can un-delete the first character.

    It's a bit of a hassle, but it should work. If it doesn't, please let me know.
    It may or may not be. The circumstances surrounding this happening don't really warrant us to do much about it however.

    Should probably refrain from killing your clan leader though, no matter how much he asks for it.
    We'll see how these current changes in nexus times go in conjunction with the price reductions and go from there.
    Whether or not these are the price reductions you're looking for, this is what they are (or rather, will be):
    Friendly (blues):
    t13 weapon: 320
    t13 chest: 260
    t13 arms: 190
    t13 boots: 190
    t14 weapon: 800
    t14 chest: 640
    t14 arms: 480
    t14 boots: 480

    Trusted (yellows):
    t13 weapon: 640
    t13 chest: 510
    t13 arms and boots: 380
    t14 weapon: 1600
    t14 chest: 1280
    t14 arms and boots: 960

    Dreamkeeper set: not changed
    Agnitor Chest: 3500
    Agnitor Arms and Boots: 2000
    Agnitor Weapon: 5000
    No call out threads please.

    To all:
    When deciding to post threads like these, please think twice for following reasons:
    1) you often leave personal information in these chats.
    2) nothing constructive really comes out of it, for us or for you.

    If, for some reason, you think you have been wronged, you can always PM me or Minea and we can look into it. Posting on the forums for something like this, in this fashion, is likely to not do any good.
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    The streaming installer that you can get here : http://tera.enmasse.com/download

    let's you play after about 2gbs.
    Price reductions only apply to t13/t14 gear. No other items have had their costs adjusted, including the reagents.
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    Hey I had to lock the other one, I'm going to lock this one too. Give peace a chance.
    There's already a thread for this. It's not even off of page 1.
    There's already a thread for this.
    there's already a thread about this. it's the one i haven't locked yet.
    But locked on the forums!
    I've locked every other thread about this to try to channel the comments into one thread. please keep this one civil though.

    KonpakuYoumu on 02/01/2013, 11:22 PM - view
    Treeshark on 02/01/2013, 11:18 PM
    I've locked every other thread about this to try to channel the comments into one thread. please keep this one civil though.


    Easier to ignore it when its all in one thread, amirite?

    No, it's actually easier for us to compile as feedback, especially when it's constructive.
    I was incorrect before on the reagents.

    Victor's Orthoclase will be 2200.

    Agnitor's Plagioclase will be 5000.

    We will have more clarification on the rest of the patch notes soon.
    Additional changes have been entered into the patch notes. You can view them here:
    Takoren on 02/02/2013, 04:15 PM - view
    I think you guys messed up.

    The lock on nerf of 1 target 100% 2 targets 70% and 3targets 50% is from the first batch of patchnotes from KR, you guys have the second batch in your first set of notes, which nerfs the lockon debuffs to: 1target 100% 2 targets 50% and 3targets 25%. Please clarify which one is the correct one, which I believe is the latter.

    Also, some skills have their CD changed from original to first patch to second patch in KR, for example, warrior's backstab CD. You have the second patch CD in your first notes, then the first patch's CD in the revised.

    I've taken out any confusing things about which ones are right. However, for Warrior's Backstab, the revised section doesn't mention it, it is actually talking about Cascade of Stuns.
    djkinetic on 02/01/2013, 01:36 PM - view
    If I'm interpreting the OP correctly, server transfers will be free to and from the original 3 servers, but no one can transfer to and from the new servers, is this correct? I have 2 toons one in the 40s the other in the 50s...both on MT, Would I be correct in saying that both can't be transferred to Lake of Tears when it opens, meaning I would have to re-roll? just looking for a bit of clarification, my gf is gonna start playing once F2P launches, and probably gonna roll on the new servers new toons, but if I can transfer my MT toons then obviously I will, but I'm about 100 percent positive that won't be the case.

    You are correct.
    DuckPVP on 02/01/2013, 06:22 PM - view
    Yeah, they left out a lot of stuff....

    didn't even get these:
    *snipped for easier reading*

    So I'll state the normal rhetoric that not every region gets the same thing, etc...

    But it is key to note that we started on a different level than other regions. So while you might read that one region gets an % increase, it might actually mean a % decrease for us. This doesn't happen all the time, but it has happened quite a few times. Just another reason to take other region's patch notes with a grain of salt.

    @Frosk, were you referring to the fact that Vampiric Blow charge can be stored if it is interrupted by another skill?
    We have not fully transitioned to TERA: Rising yet, so you cannot purchase Elite at this time.

    Closest thing you can do (and this is optional) is renew a sub, and then all remaining time gets rounded up for a month to 30 days of elite, as has been stated in this thread.

    When we go free, you will be a founder and have full founder's benefits.
    This isn't 1950. If your sentence starts off as "I'm not being racist or anything..." then you should probably rethink your sentence.
    Edited by: Treeshark almost 2 years ago
    The cooldown on lowbie dungeons is 5-10 minutes, and it starts when you start the dungeon, not when you exit the dungeon.
    It is per character, but we will also be changing the level limit required and the amount of gold that can be transferred back and forth. I'll update when the changes are final.

    Thank you for your feedback.
    Yes. Anyone can play on any server, we are just restricting transfers to and from the new servers.
    Edited by: Treeshark almost 2 years ago
    1. How, exactly, will the revised Enchanting system work? How are the percentages calculated?

    The enchanting system has already been detailed in another thread here.

    2. How is crafting being adjusted? Is it going to be worthwhile?

    We will update our game guides with the crafting adjustments by feb 5th. whether it will be worthwhile will be up to you.

    3. How will the new Cash Shop work? What methods can we use to obtain EMP? What will the Cash Shop contain?

    The store will be accessible only in the game. It will be very obvious on your menu bar. You will be able to shop through that UI and buy things with EMP. Anything you buy will be immediately available in your item claim. Currently, the only way to buy EMP is through our website, with CC or paypal. The cash shop will contain a lot of what is already currently in our web store, and more. Items like boosts, character slot increases, and bank tabs will be among some of the new items.

    4. What new items will Tera: Rising have? How can we obtain them and what are they used for?

    If the above answer didn't address this, I'm not sure I can now.

    5. What will be the interaction between Founders/Elite and Standard players? How will it be governed?

    You will be able to interact freely between Standard/Founders/Elite. We have already outlined all the restrictions and differences between them all. Any further restrictions we list, like to chat channels and server transfers, will apply to all players.

    6. What changes are being made to the Political System?

    With the updates in the pipeline coming from BHS, no drastic updates to the political system will be made at this time.
    You can contact Tera Online dev tracker at contact@teradevtracker.com - Privacy policy - Tera Online dev tracker is not affiliated with Tera Online or En Masse entertainment.