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Whether someone is elite, a founder, or just a new player, reporting them works fine. Please don't post callout threads, though. That isn't acceptable behavior on the TERA forums.
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There's already a thread on this.
Sweet. Love to see events like this.
Okay. That'll be the end of personal attacks or that will be the end of this thread. Keep the comments constructive, please.
Who doesn't, really? But let's keep the discussion on-topic, please.
Okay. I'm locking this for now. Treeshark can unlock it if he has new information to present.
This troubleshooting guide may be of some assistance.
Happy to help.
Okay. This thread is now derailed. TERA: Rising is not returning to the subscription model. Don't trust rumors.
Keep the comments clean and constructive, please...
As others have pointed out, this really is a job for customer service. You need to submit a ticket. The forums lack magical interfaces to your inventory.

So, original question asked, answered, and thread derailed, so I'm going to stake this one.

Alaeria, i'm sending you a PM.
Moved to Off-Topic.
Only you can prevent necro threads...

There are several threads on this topic, so I'm locking this duplicate down.

The necro burns! Bad resurrection!

You do awesome work, Eziel. You're a credit to the community.
Game night? Looks more like Olympic night! Nice work!
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Keep the comments constructive, clean, and on-topic please.
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There's already a topic about this, so let's keep the discussion going there.
Moved to classes forum.
There's already a thread on this topic, so I'm locking this down.
For those who bought elite status, but it kept showing as pending, rather than active, Wallypark worked hard to track the issue down and kill it WITH FIRE.

Seriously, he used a Zippo.

If you canceled whilst pending, he's going to manually process the cancellation, so don't fear that it says "Active." You'll still get the days you paid for, but you won't be autobilled.

We're so sorry for the headache and grateful for your patience!
Prophesy, what server are you experiencing this on?
No worries. Thanks. I'll check that out.

Update: Visited locations on both servers. They're populated and active. Hopefully you won't experience this when you next log in.
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Moved to berserker forum.
Kilrnub, I'm checking into this for you. If I have questions, I'll PM you, okay?
Okay. This is between the OP and EME, so I'm going to lock this down.
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Lokai on 02/28/2013, 01:32 PM - view
This is sort of a pve and pvp question since i feel like its a hot topic for alot of people either dont know or understand what stagger is...

So please keep the comments clean and constructive.
I'm going to move this to the warrior forum.
Okay. I'm locking this down because of the personal attacks. There's no discussion, so let's move on. Some people on the Internet will be rude. Some will be awesome. Report abusive behavior and move on.
Moved to PvP Forum.
Moved to Suggestions forum.
Keep the comments clean and constructive please.
The store isn't down, but I'm sending you a PM.
Also, make certain you have Java and Flash enabled (and updated). Try another browser, too. If you're logged into any VPN or proxy service, that might also be a factor. If it's not, let's start narrowing down the problem.
And this has been discussed time, and time, and time again, so I will lock this.
Give this a shot.
Okay...this thread has run its course.
I have the word!

There will be an extra Nexus time at 3pm PST. Kill 'em all.
We're sorry about the interruption, folks. We'll have an extra Nexus time at 3pm PST.
There are no transfers off Lake of Tears at this time.

And I'm afraid there's no timeline yet as to when that will occur.
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Mmmm...tasty RP disease.
Let's keep the comments clean and constructive please...
Let's stay on topic, please. Don't derail the thread.
Please keep the discussion off-topic. If this thread has outlived its usefulness, then it's time to close it.
Moving this to the Warrior forum.
The best we can do is point you here. If that fails, open a ticket with CS.
Hah! A for effort, though.
Moved to Suggestions forum.
I see what you did there. ;)
Crotolase, I sent you a PM.
Okay. Time for new glasses. All I see are a bunch of squiggly lines.
Welcome back!
Yes, they will send you an email explaining the outcome, or, at the very least, the next step in the process.
There was a hiccup (technical term), which did hit some customers purchasing the elite package. I know the team is working to fix the individuals affected, as well as the cause, so this won't happen again. We're sorry this frustrating issue hit you, but please bear with us and we'll get this sorted as quickly as we can.
Let's keep the comments constructive, please. Otherwise, move along to another thread and be more constructive there.
No, but think of this as a chance to add to your lexicon of cool names.
Zebulon on 02/26/2013, 12:41 PM - view

Well any news or plans on making a new server? xD
That way I can hopefully get a cool name...

[checks secret stash of secret plans and secret stuff] No news to report on that front. Sorry. As soon as that changes though, I'll post the news in big blue letters.
Unfortunately, you can't claim it twice and ride them both like giant, furry-fanged rollerskates.

I tried.

Thanks to everyone who helped out.
Some awesome shots in this thread. /salute to the creativity of the playerbase.
Okay, there are numerous threads about framerates. Let's not duplicate these things, let's keep them together so if answers are shared, they stay with the problems.
How about we keep it on topic unless the OP is on the hunt for new names?
It'm sorry you're delayed. That'd frustrate me, too. The support queue is undoubtedly the fastest method. As noted, the support tickets are backed up, so you've really done all you can do at the moment.

Don't PM Minea or Treeshark or Solomon, please. You've done the right steps, it'll just take a bit more time. Again, very sorry.
Suggestion made. Locking thread down.
Locking before the spitting and hair-pulling.
Please don't PM Treeshark or Minea. File a ticket with CS as suggested. Thanks.
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Ambitious! Looks like a fun event!
Well, this wasn't very constructive.

*waves* Welcome aboard!
Moved to Suggestions Forum.

Also, bumping is a forum no-no. Please don't do it again.
Mmm...mystic skittles.
Props, Kultra, for going the extra kilometer.
Grrr...the necro, it burns.

Your suggestion is fine, but please post it in the Suggestions forum.
Moved to the PvP Forum.
Good. Now, let's stick to English from here on out, or move the conversation to the Languages forum, please.
What's that? Stake it? Okay!

TERA: Rising is a global game. If you witness bad player behavior, report away. I lurked on servers this afternoon doing just that, but blaming the whole for the actions of a few isn't the way to go.
Please keep the remarks constructive.
If an item duration is in days (7 or 30 or whatever), that refers to calendar days, not in-game time.

Hope that helps.
I think this thread has run its course, so I'm locking it down.

I don't see any new information on this issue, but I sent inquiring pokies up the chain.
No, no...I know what bug we're talking about. I just haven't seen an update on it. If I hear anything, I'll pass it along.
I think this thread has run its course.

Anime DOES sound good...
Locking down this duplicate thread of another locked thread.
Please use English in the forums. The Languages subforum exists for any other language, but the general forums are English-only.
No bumps allowed. That's against the TERA Forum Rules.
Okay...suggestion made, topic derailed, thread locked.
Bump posts are against the TERA Forum Rules. Please don't make more.
Moved to the Bug Report forum.
Hang on, folks. I know there's a lot of frustrations and FFFFFF and such. Treeshark and the gang are on it. We'll get this resolved as fast as possible.
Sorry, folks. The radio silence wasn't intentional. Treeshark said he'll post something shortly.

[And there he was.]
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