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The event (when we bend it to our will and make it work) will be for any level characters.
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
I promise that it is not March 31st. Also, not March 30th. Or March 29th. Or March 28th. Or March 27th. Or March 26th.

You never said which year! B)

This is so true.
What's happening? This...


Unfortunately, even with some creative work trying to point tools to work at other environments, TERA Allegiance event is still not running on live. We are now looking into ways to make this work using other means. More to follow...
ElinLove wrote: »
So, the asian gets offended by something on the NA server... Guess... you could play the asian versions just for a change of pace.

"The Asian...?" ...what do you mean by that?

Also, that is a terrible f*cking attitude to have. There are Asians, south-east Asians, Asian-Americans, and Asian-Canadians that play this game... tons of them. Many in my guild (even some Brazilian-Asians!)

Just because you don't celebrate something doesn't mean it's not important to someone else, or that they can't have an opinion about it because you don't. Terrible attitude you have.


The event is still not working.

We are aware and working on it - I have posted an announcement post that we will update as we gain more information - currently it is working on internal test environments but not on live so we're trying to track down whatever technical glitch is blocking it.
UPDATE: The event is running as intended on our test environments but for some reason won't trigger on live. We are still looking into the technical issues that could be causing this.
ElinLove wrote: »
ElinUsagi wrote: »
I chained him to his seat. HE IS GOING NOWHERE. MWAH HA HA HA

Thta's so sad :cry:


There, now it's CobaltDragon!

totally not halfassed edit huehue

You just won the internet.
We are currently looking into why the event did not trigger at the appropriate time this morning - @SingleBear or I will update this thread as soon as we have more information (or if we can just kick the stupid thing into working).
We are looking into reports that the event isn't working.
I chained him to his seat. HE IS GOING NOWHERE. MWAH HA HA HA
I promise that it is not March 31st. Also, not March 30th. Or March 29th. Or March 28th. Or March 27th. Or March 26th.
clfarron4 wrote: »
@Werid https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19Ws1xFVTik93aSbf2fMkz3ZQmIY_uiEm5pXuSTqVRbk/edit#gid=0


What I want to know is what does Increased Reputation apply to at level 65, because I'm pretty sure it doesn't apply to Guardian Missions (the only active reputation source that is useful at level 65);.
I believe "Increased Reputation" actually means an increase in Vanguard Credits.
No, I am not leaving, haha. =)

When the Parcel Mail message was originally written, it was going to be a "Call to Arms" for the BAMassacre, but with the Event now disabled, we had to quickly pivot and re-write the message going out.
Sorry if it came off as a "Thanks for everything, peace" sort of message.
Due to unfortunate performance issues caused by the BAMassacre event, we will be ending the event Wednesday at 9am PST. This should give anyone still working on the 500 threshold time to complete it.

As a replacement, we will be enabling the Triple Item and Reputation Vanguard Request events. Triple rewards will run from Wednesday, Feb. 14 at 3am PST through Saturday, Feb 17 at 3am PST.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Wouldn't be a way to keep the 500 kill threshold but including all the rewards from the lower tier threshold wheh players reach that amount?

Sadly, no. We do not have the ability to edit the current event's reward.
After reducing the event to a single BAM kill Threshold, the server performance issues have been greatly diminished. We will continue to monitor it throughout the night.

We designed the event with multiple thresholds so that all players could participate. Some people would only have time to complete a few thresholds whereas some would be able to clear all of them. And yes, we knew that a lot of you would also know exactly where to go to clear the thresholds quickly and then move on to alts to clear the thresholds with them as well. It's super cool to us that some of you will min/max an event like this. We love your enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, the event had a negative impact on server performance and we couldn't see it thru to completion. I do hope we can bring this event back with multiple thresholds again. And the loots will be just as generous, even for you min/maxers.
If at anytime we become aware of an exploit, even one we create thru event design, we will take appropriate action and be completely visible that the action was taken due to an exploit.

We reduced the event to its current state of only having the 500 threshold due to player performance reports and server reports from our operations team.
Only the 500 threshold is available on all servers. Please continue to inform us of any performance issues you experience during this reduced version of the event. We will also be monitoring the server logs. If we continue to see performance issues we will completely disable the event.

It is unfortunate the Valentine's BAMassacre event caused these issues. We felt this would be a really cool event. Hopefully we can bring it back some time in the future once Bluehole has reworked it.
Cobalt, since you are effectively remove the majority of the event and will potentially remove even the 500 mob one if performance does not improve, are there plans for any alternative event as compensation?

Still TBD at the moment, but I think the Team is leaning towards a Vanguard Item and Rep Event to fill the void, if things do not improve.
Sateva wrote: »
Getting rid of all but one teir of the event kind of renders farming it pointless, at least make it lower than 500 if you're going to make us play the alts we can't afford to gear any more to farm this event. 100 seems fair given the situation.
Thank you for your honest feedback, though at this point, we're most likely going to stick with the 500 amount.
TERA's newest Producer @seandynamite was able to finish 500 in under an hour, so it seems like a reasonable amount for those who still want to finish their current progress.
clfarron4 wrote: »
Not going to beat around the bush here. It's not even 2pm PST, 5pm EST. You still have 3 hours at the earliest to peak.

It's pretty obvious that if you continue like this, the event is going to cause the amount of lag that we experienced on the release day of the Valkyrie class. And yes, I can already see plenty of Valks where Runeburst is only firing 4 of the hits maximum, only because this is an open world event, it affects Open World AND dungeons.

There's a reason why Gameforge killed this event pretty quickly and replaced it with their more usual Dungeon Type event (which works on the same Elin Interface icon).

As a heads up
We are aware of server performance issues with the Valentine's BAMassacre event.
Since many of you are actively participating in the event, we wanted to give you a heads-up that at 3 p.m. PST, we are removing all event targets EXCEPT the 500 kill threshold.

At 4 p.m. PST we will determine if the event is stable enough to continue, or if we need to disable it completely.
sanj66 wrote: »
but what are you all doing for us that can login, aka almost everyone and is experiencing 3-5X the latency we had before and is rendering dungeons even ghillieglade almost unplayable? whats the point of even running say rkem to get screwed over by the lag with this event, it was turned off in other regions because of this issue and you all persist on keeping it...

We have our Networking Team reviewing everything possible, and we are gathering real time data that can be directly looked into by TERA's Developer, in the hopes that an Event like this can be fully reviewed and actually optimized for later Events of this same nature.

Shutting off the Event without gathering the data wouldn't lead to any future optimizations of the Event.
Melyodis wrote: »
up now i still can't patch the game goes to show they don't play tera much go online and see what players are talking about in game right now i'm not submitting anything this is madness.

Can you put in a Support Ticket with an EME Diagnostic if you still are unable to patch the Game Client through the TERA Launcher ?
Melyodis wrote: »
Melyodis wrote: »
up now i still can't patch the game goes to show they don't play tera much go online and see what players are talking about in game right now i'm not submitting anything this is madness.

Well, just being completely honest here...
If you can't login through the TERA Launcher right now (even just to see how your experience would be with this Event), it generally means that something besides the Event itself is restricting your access to patch successful.
If you want that solved, you can feel free to contact Support through a Ticket.
Otherwise, you can certainly try to troubleshooting it yourself, or I suppose you also have the option of not doing anything and just checking back after the Event is over.
No need to make additional threads, there was one already started here.
Melyodis wrote: »
up now i still can't patch the game goes to show they don't play tera much go online and see what players are talking about in game right now i'm not submitting anything this is madness.

Can you put in a Support Ticket with an EME Diagnostic if you still are unable to patch the Game Client through the TERA Launcher ?
Naru2008 wrote: »
Pretty sure it's not rocket science as to what the cause is. (No offense meant EME.)

None taken. And you're right, it's not rocket science...it's computer science. (I got jokes.)

What we are trying to establish is exactly how this impacts our servers. Knowing that it is crushing the CPUs on our arbiter servers and not a packet issue is important. The more info we can pull and send to Bluehole the better our chance of getting the event optimized so that we can bring it back better.
We are actively tracking the performance of the event. Please continue to share your individual reports of performance issues with details: what server are you on, which hunting zone you are in, and the time of day.

The data we collect will be sent back to our Developer so that we can make the performance of the event better.

Three chars till 100 included - braveries, feasts, one mantle. No single dyad.
i wish i could give you my stuff to have one dyad..

You got a mantle at 100? Gratz
Sorry about no dyad, we kept that item rare.
Sorry about the localization issue. New text for event UI is implemented as of maintenance this morning.
The bit about "no more than 5 levels higher than you" is actually +/- 5 levels. Again, my bad, it should have been better localized.
MD5CDNFL7D wrote: »
anyone knows why AV is on but all the other servers are still off??
It should have been brought down at the same time as all the others, so I let the appropriate team know.
MD5CDNFL7D wrote: »
By the way do you know how to change my username
I mean the username on here not in the game

Here you go.
I screwed it up so I fixed it. :#
I currently have 3 level 65s - and working on my 4th (nothing compared to some of you, but I'm no slouch). So not sure where you get information that we don't play the game. I play every chance I get, so say hi to Dark.Gunny on CH if you get a chance.

Also, the streams aren't going away; as has been pointed out, we are currently looking for a CM to backfill the void left by Spacecats. Until then, Singlebear and I will do them when we can, but our time is filled working on getting v66, v67, v68, Fashion Coupon store updates (NOT GOING AWAY BTW), In game Events, BG calendar, item releases, product sales, dungeon highlights, Steam products, new starter packs, elite status updates, and about a million other things done. So please, believe me when I say we are not idly sitting around. We put in long hours and long weeks, but we are a small team and even one vacancy leaves a gap. Soon it will be filled and it will be back to normal and we'll all rejoice. Til then, patience, my young padawans.
Monster default loot tables have not changed. This is an event with its own UI and reward system.

Thresholds: 5, 15, 30, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000. When you hit each threshold, the UI will offer your rewards.

Rewards: At each threshold you will receive a fixed reward and a random reward. The fixed reward for each threshold is a Strongbox Key. The random reward is rolled from the list provided.

Frosty Mantle of Indifference: I hope none of you experience this, but yes, RNG may not be on your side and you may not get the Frosty Mantle of Indifference even after clearing the 1000 threshold. You have a REALLY good chance at 1000 to get it though.

Kill credit is decided by the solo/party/raid that does the highest percentage of overall damage to the BAM. If you are partied with others then your damage is all counted together and all members get credit for kills.
1. If you are in a raid of 9 people and some random solo player comes over and does more damage overall to the BAM you and your raid are fighting, then the system assigns credit to that solo player who just schooled your raid.
2. In the same scenario, if your raid does more overall damage to the BAM than the solo player, as y'all should, then every member of the raid gets kill credit.

We have not increased channels on IoD. The system can dynamically increase channels if the channels get too full. We are not manually increasing channels so that every group gets their own personal space as we feel it is not in the spirit of an MMO. We will of course monitor the event for any improvements we can make the next time we run something similar.

Please note, there is a correction to the thresholds we previously listed: There is NO threshold for 10. There IS a threshold for 300. Check the thresholds listed above.
will you guys be adding more channels to Island of Dawn? i got a feeling it will be overrun with players. especially those that can clear a bam in under 10 seconds then leap to the next etc.

I actually asked about this, and the answer is no, but only due to how the Event and System works.
If more channels were added, it would only spreads the BAMs out over the extra channels, meaning there would be less BAMs to find within each channel.

Overall, there will be a ton of BAMs to find and defeat, and I'll also point out that Dungeon BAMs are included.
DL7MMWLJ3W wrote: »

Since the details is out, I wanted to ask something real quick.

Are these gonna be new BAMs or the same BAMs that we have running around right now?

"characters level 40-65 should kill BAMs of their level, or up to 5 levels higher." - I think this part implies the current BAMs that are already around right now.
Nibellung wrote: »
Gatokatzen wrote: »
Tera needs a tank healer class, which do low damage but can stand a lot critical hits, while health party. That class will be a dream. Improve queque times x one million

This was actually one that I had personally requested semi-recently. ;)

I definitely like the sound of a class that is a hybrid of Tanking and Healing.

The class would probably have pretty low DPS output, but high amount of health, high defense modifier, high balance modifier, and high resistances.
And there would be a constant flow of aggro through skills that damage outright or overtime, some of which provide health back to the character and their Party / Raid.

a Paladin class? xD

Perhaps, but the feedback I had sent in had implied that the class would be more Vampiric in nature, which would mean that the class would not walk the same path as a Paladin. ;)
I believe the details are coming later this afternoon.
Gatokatzen wrote: »
Tera needs a tank healer class, which do low damage but can stand a lot critical hits, while health party. That class will be a dream. Improve queque times x one million

This was actually one that I had personally requested semi-recently. ;)

I definitely like the sound of a class that is a hybrid of Tanking and Healing.

The class would probably have pretty low DPS output, but high amount of health, high defense modifier, high balance modifier, and high resistances.
And there would be a constant flow of aggro through skills that damage outright or overtime, some of which provide health back to the character and their Party / Raid.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'll let the appropriate Team know.
tisnotme wrote: »
so theres been no stream at all today , I see
last week the just ran back ground music
so the last actual twitch stream was two weeks ago

whats going on EME ? you want viewers but what are we going to watch if you wont stream

We will most likely have an actual TERA Stream very soon.
Right now, I believe there is still a need for a dedicated TERA CM who is able to plan each Stream in advanced, along with the many other day-to-day tasks.
This issue was reported shortly after the Dragons were first introduced, and reported again shortly after the Phoenixes were added.

So far, I am under the impression that neither our Internal QA Department or Bluehole's QA Department have been able to solidly reproduce the issue in a Live Server or QA Environment.

When our players write in via Support Ticket, we generally ask the same types of questions, and then send the additional information over to these other Teams, in the off-chance some new piece of information ends up being what is needed to find the trigger.

Normally, this means that we have no immediate fix for those that write in...

Some players have mentioned that removing the flying dragon skill and adding it back has helped, while others have stated it has not.

Other players mentioned that it was resolved directly following a Maintenance.

For the sake of community transparency, I would ask all of you commenting within this Thread, to take a moment to think about what exactly was going on before the issue began, and then comment on as many of the following factors that you can think of :

- What Class were you playing on ?
- What Zone were you located in ?
- What type of Monster were you fighting ?
- What Skills were you using ?
- What Buffs did you have applied ?
- What time of day did it begin ?

If you have any additional factors that I have not thought to add, please feel free to include it, as it could be the one thing that we haven't asked that ends up leading to a resolution.

Also, if you are recording a video ( with the Passives still working) and happen to catch what triggers the Passives to stop working, that video would greatly help Bluehole's QA Team, and expedite the overall fix.
Closing this Thread as well, due to the fact that it has derailed.
Xristosx wrote: »
Post i made on the 24th Jan


It wasn't a patch change that they got automatically, but something they manually enabled (hence it being off the patch schedule). So, partial credit, I guess.

What he said - it had nothing to do with any patch. It was a setting enforced by our tools. Today we removed the setting.
CTDXHFRG64 wrote: »
Hello, im play Na server in lithuania with normal launcher and with steam, and now i moved to germany and i cant play it with steam.. are i can play with normal launcher?? or same like steam

You'll want to review this Announcement regarding Steam and your physical location.

Please avoid necromancy.
As of today race change vouchers will allow castanic and high elf female gunners to covert their character to the most recent addition to TERA: the Elin Gunner!

You can get vouchers from the in-game store or here.
I've definitely brought this up a few times since we last held Canyon Clash & Skyring Slam, so the feedback has been passed along.
It might be worth bringing this up again after the new Community Manager has had a chance to settle in.
As of this morning, we started receiving quite a few reports from players who were unable to receive our Account Armor Code emails, as well as the email sent when a Password Reset request is made.

We have been able to narrow the issue down to players who happen to use Yahoo as their Email Provider for their EME Account.

For this, there is no immediate fix or an ETA at the moment, but our Team continues their investigation into this matter and will hopefully have this resolved as quickly as possible.
Just as an FYI, I did pass along this feedback.
Not sure where I am "pretending to be magnanimous"... I'm merely outlining a schedule of events as I said I would this week. If being magnanimous is following through on that...

I'm talking about EME in general. Not specifically you, (the decision to remove something and hand it out piecemeal as a reward is asinine.)
You'll be happy to read the Development Roadmap! As voted on, Fashion Coupon shop is up next and due for an update this month.

Oh thank you so much! (sarcasm.)

You brought that up 5 months ago. You'll implement it now. Great, thanks. Meanwhile, Spacecats was told about it almost 2 years ago: http://www.teradevtracker.com/?topic=/forums/general-discussion/topics/Fashion-Coupon-Store-Before-and-Now
I appreciate you guys tracking all this down and posting screenshots. Some of these weapon skins look really sweet. We're going to check with Bluehole and see what the deal is with some of these. With any luck we'll be able to get them in our version, but it depends on their response.

That was on 04/06/2016, 08:57 AM We hear nothing, and the thread was deleted, just like your in game shop update thread.

Can you at least recognize that we are feeling like you (EME) don't listen to our concerns at all? This may not be the case from your perspective, but it is how it looks from ours.

I do recognize that @CassandraTR - we are trying to execute on our promises and I understand your frustration. It's just as frustrating for me/us when we feel like we aren't coming through for all of you. I just keep in mind that we are doing our best to meet the needs of the audience, but everything takes prioritization, resources, and time, all of which are limited. So believe me when I tell you that you are heard.
>.< how..? what..? more diversity by reducing vg rewards? really?!

this direction eme has chosen gives less and less diversity, because you cant really choose what u will do ingame on a given day... you will have to do the event eme thinks u should be doing or simply not get the stuff you need to progress....

silver talents for example... grind 1-4 pieces of them for each dgn/ghillie run or just do strongbox event and get 6000 of em?
i'd say stop with events alltogether and make those 6000 pieces reachable through regular play....

I agree with Cassandra though, it is pointless talking about it, eme doesnt care and silly sheep will say it's all ok...

I agree with you 100%. I don't understand. We've had a cash shop event/sale every month since Arsenal IN OCTOBER. At the same time @seandynamite said he would update the various in game shops, and so far the only thing that has happened was to move one shop to the other, and delete it. Nothing for Ace. Nothing for VG. Friendship Token shop.

There are so many other things that they could work on or fix, yet we have something taken away and then given back as a "prize."

EU just got FI/FIHM back a second time. We didn't even get it the first time because they skipped those implementations.

I'm really saddened and disheartened with all of this this. I just gave you guys (EME) $50 yesterday. I won't be doing that again.

You'll be happy to read the Development Roadmap! As voted on, Fashion Coupon shop is up next and due for an update this month.

I am sincerely disappointed that this is your decided outcome. Not like anyone will care.

You've taken something away, and decided to dole it back out, pretending to be magnanimous.

Ace Dungeon still has Imperator VM mats. You could have updated that at any time to include things like dragon scales, artisan kits, or dyad/smart dyad niveot structures.

I know you could have updated that because you promised us almost 5 months ago that you would: http://www.teradevtracker.com/?topic=which-in-game-shop-would-you-like-to-see-updated-first

(You can't delete everything, we'll find it.)

You guys are tone deaf.

Not sure where I am "pretending to be magnanimous"... I'm merely outlining a schedule of events as I said I would this week. If being magnanimous is following through on that...
Babbelsim wrote: »
nice ''Event'' make something look special even tho we had it normal for the past months/year :joy:
just turn it back like it was and be done with this foolishness

also no Lunar Newyear sale like last year?

i didn't include any sales information on this - this is specifically game events.
Hello all!

As promised last week I have a calendar of events that I just posted as a news post on the site - there is also a more visual calendar update coming as soon as the creative team can get some time, but I wanted to call attention to the events that start tonight with resets at 3 am PST!

Starting at 3 a.m. PST on Tuesday February 6, players will earn double the Vanguard rewards and reputation from Vanguard Requests. Plus, we’re adding 400 Artisan Refining Kits to the rewards for the following Island of Dawn Vanguard Requests:
  • Hunt Brutal Naga Battlemasters
  • Hunt Brutal Iron Giants
  • Hunt Brutal Onyx Hydraths

These rewards will last until Saturday, February 10 at 3 a.m. PST, when we TRIPLE the Vanguard rewards and reputation until Tuesday, February 13 at 3 a.m. PST.

We will have more information about the events throughout the month, but I wanted to get this out there as soon as I could!

We are asking how they are bringing back this content from BHS. In the past this was not something we were allowed to mess with, so I'm interested to know how this is being done as much as you.
Please avoid call-outs on the Forums. Your best course of action is to file a Support ticket and include the screenshots so that we can investigate.
In the past we have released prior years' summer costumes during the summer festival, so I can't see a reason why we wouldn't this summer as well.

It's possible they could come back during Anniversary as well in May, but that isn't as sure.
> @CassandraTR said:
> @CobaltDragon @seandynamite
> Thank you for the triple drop in BP, it is very much appreciated. The constant metamorphic tokens on every VG are also very nice.
> The additional dragon scale however, is only active on the first clear of Broken Prison, not for any subsequent clears. Was this intended?
> Thank you.

That is working correctly. The "bonus rewards" are only available on the non-repeatable quest - so you can do it each day.
@CassandraTR - I'll look into this, but please keep in mind that I may not get an answer prior to monday.
Meta and Entro Emblem shops are strictly controlled by the design team.
Melyodis wrote: »
@CobaltDragon make a tank there to many dps.

But DPS is more fun :p
4YGEKAXYT9 wrote: »
Thanks for the reply but what I want to know is if there will be double vanguard reward for solo content such as IoD (like x2 tokens) or not. Or else, if there's a schedule out there or not.

No schedule posted yet, but we will get one posted early next week in a news post announcement. We had the rug pulled out on a few event plans and the tool was giving us issues, so we spent this week scrambling to test events that we can use and pivoting on our plans to try to get things in place that we can deliver on - I don't want to post a calendar and only execute on half of it.

That said, this weekend kicks off events running throughout the month (during weekdays and weekends, I don't mean that to sound like it's just on the weekends).

We will be running a double reward Vanguard rewards event and triple Vanguard rewards event this month (and no, I don't mean the last day of the month :p )
To clarify, the only thing that changed here was the UI - we moved the tokens you we already added from the bonus section to the base rewards section. The main reason is this: we can't add more than one bonus item event to anything at a time. So, these "bonus" 1350 metamorphic emblems were blocking us from being able to add actual bonus items to events like we wanted to. Now that they've moved, we are able to run events where we can add actual bonus items, not just supplementary rewards.

In reference to the double item xp guardian mission, that is also an event that we will run from time to time, but we have no intention of turning it on as a permanent setting at this time. And when I say time to time, I mean we'll see the first event later this month.
Sorry for the radio silence - thanks for the recognition for this event; we have plans to continue the events throughout the month and into next month, leading into the Male Brawler release. We haven't posted a calendar of events yet but I plan on getting that done early next week so you can see what's coming. I appreciate the patience on that front; I promise your voices are heard!
Reya wrote: »
Any stormcry +9? How about those essence?

I still working on getting more materials from various sources, but I do have a character that has some +5'ish Stormcry.

Yeah, most likely there will be a new announced Introductory Thread.
Hauuguu wrote: »
@CobaltDragon, are you our new CM?

As mentioned by me in another Forum Thread , we're in the phase of taking applicants.
I'm not sure @CobaltDragon understands the full weight of doing that yet - or at least without GM cheats like when they +15'd starfall - but I applaud him for the response as it seems like he was willing to learn which is huge imo.

For the sake of clarity:
I have played TERA since 2012 ( Pre-Closed Beta ).
I have characters across every server, and manually leveled the majority of them to 65.
I have at least one of each Class at 65. Each one is decently geared, ranging anywhere from Stormcry all the way down to Steadfast. I enjoy PVE content quite a bit, but also run Battlegrounds whenever I can get the queue to pop.
With that all being said, hope to see some of you in queue today, tomorrow, or sometime in the near future. ;)
To go along with an Event we will be running this weekend, we'll be making a change to the blue "Additional Rewards" sections that are provided with each Vanguard Request.

At the moment, each one offers a set number of Metamorphic Emblems.

The change that will be made will keep the Metamorphic Emblems, but instead of listing them in the blue "Additional Rewards" section, the Metamorphic Emblem reward will be moved up into standard rewards.

This allows us to free up the blue "Additional Reward" section for Event specific rewards.

More details about the Event to come later today in a separate post.
Ammutseba wrote: »
To be a good CM though
  • admit that you're not TERA savvy (because chances are you don't know more than "this class is cool 'cause its an elin" or something along the lines of nothing to do with gameplay) but that you are willing to learn and actually BE willing to learn

It's just my personal opinion, but I would like to see a CM level a character from the beginning all the way up to +9 Stormcry (as a normal player would). I don't think you can empathize with the community until you fully understand what it takes to reach that level. They could even make it part of the twitch stream to help other players (sort of like a zero to hero series).

Which Class would you like to see leveled ?
Feedback has been passed along regarding this.
I've noticed that in all of these screenshots the character has a head slot accessory equipped.
Does this issue seem to only occur with specific accessories ?
Does the issue go away the moment the head slot accessory is unequipped ?
Closing this thread as there are already others with the same subject.
There will be events this month! Sorry its taking so long to post about them but the event tool was giving us insane amounts of heck this week so we had to pivot our plans somewhat. In any case you’ll have info about this weekends events tomorrow, then more early next week about the rest of the month.
Don’t get too excited. Just some antics.
I’d check my parcel post in game if I were you tomorrow.
Feedback was passed along regarding this.
Ves1978 wrote: »
but at least we get 3 day travel journal, village atlas and that snowflake thing without any description at the end of month :D

Seandynamite mentioned more information about it here.
If you provide a list of items that most players would have expected for this Jackpot ( or future Jackpots), I'd be happy to pass that along.
[quote="ElinLove;c-205507"they selectively ignore our stuff. Not only this, but many older bug reports too. Makes me seriously doubt how useful it even is to post. Wonder if they ignore it just to not blatantly say "no" thinking it will have a negative impact or what, but I feel like a direct no would be less of a spit on our faces.[/quote]

Just as an FYI, I have been passing along all Feedback I have come across ( forums, discord, in-game, reddit, etc.. ).

Unless something changes, I'll still have to refer to what was posted back in Early January by Spacecats.
The February Battleground Calendar is going out later this morning / afternoon, I believe it was just going through some last minute revisions.
Melyodis wrote: »
as i said before other players are seeing the same thing i sent ticket already lets see when a fix is put in place
@Naru2008 the reason why i said that is because i would expect that CobaltDragon should have passed on the info to the dev team but i guess he don't do those stuff.

Bug was submitted and sent to QA for verification before sending onwards to the development team to look at. I'd be curious to know if there are any client mods - in the past that has almost always been the culprit for these kinds of issues.
Breetizm wrote: »
Speaking of calender rewards, what is this? V9pOpUf.png

That, along with the login calendar item for 2/23, will be revealed better after we get the next patch to add these (currently waiting for delivery of it at the end of this week) - they are new items.
Melyodis wrote: »
at least is not me alone @CobaltDragon what to do now

If you had previously done any file modifications, not saying you had, but if you did, the next step would be to remove those file mods.
Otherwise, I mentioned that it would be a good idea to submit a Support Ticket for this.
Servers are back up but we need to verify a list of things before we can open up to the players. SOON (tm)!
Nearly there. Thanks again for your patience today. :)
I haven't seen this issue yet myself yet, but my initial reaction would be to run the Repair feature found within the Tools menu of the TERA Launcher.
If it persists after running the Repair, please feel free to submit a Support Ticket with any additional information you can provide, like if it's only shown with certain head accessories equipped.
Hi folks!

During this emergency maintenance we will be doing 2 things:
  • Fix the Battleground Top Talent Box contents to deliver the intended talents
  • Removing the "default" item from folks that opened it between the end of scheduled maintenance this morning and this emergency maintenance

For those players that opened the box and didn't get their talents during that small window, Customer Support will be proactively pulling a list of players that opened them and sending them out so you don't have to request them.

Thanks for the understanding and sorry about the inconvenience! Happy we caught it before it spiraled out of control!

Thanks for bring these two pieces from the Patch Notes to our attention.
I'll go ahead and send them over to another Team for review, and if 100% accurate, we'll get the Patch Notes updated to reflect the intended changes.
The calendar update was incorrectly done and the 1/31 login reward will be returned to dragon scales as soon as we get the tool updated and back up. Also, dragon scales are not going away permanently.
HAAYAAKD43 wrote: »
Jackpot is still on. I just opened about 200 boxes and got 4 jackpots myself (emblem chests, golden talents, and silver talents). We didn't extend because we forgot about it, it was because we decided to bump maintenance to Thursday instead of Tuesday due to other issues that needed addressing and didn't want 2 maintenance windows in the same week if we could stop it. Strongbox jackpot requires a maintenance to turn on and off. We updated the post and updated the launcher image as soon as we confirmed.

why not also make in game announcements? :P

Oh that's a great suggestion! Thanks for that - we'll be sure to add that to the rotation when it comes to stuff like this!
Galiers wrote: »
no super hero landing T_T


Yes there is! Well, for males there is. The standing still "rearing" animation while flying on the ground and pressing spacebar will give you the hero landing. For females you do a slow 360 degree roll.

Wind-up key looks good on it
Dammit - copy/paste got me - fixed that typo now to read "non-dyeable"
We went ahead and released it already - news post will go up in a bit, but I wanted to get it released due to the quicker maintenance this morning.

Flight Skill book can be purchased in game from the Novelty Merchants in Velika, Allemantheia, and Kaiator.
RMHM and RMNM are returning in an update coming up, however that is not coupled with the release of the mech suits in any way. Our next patch has been announced for next Tuesday, January 30th and will be the Guardian Legion update. As soon as I have a solid date for Ruinous Manor, I'll get it out ASAP!

Also yes there will be loot box versions and direct sale bundle versions of the mech suits!
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
These ones will have passive buffs?

To my knowledge, no. I do not believe there is a Passive Skill, similar to what the dragons or phoenix mounts have.
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