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I asked the server team to take a look at that error message, Duune. I'll update you as soon as I can.
We identified the problem (Yay!) and are working on the fix for it. I don't have an ETA just yet, but it's on the top of their list.
We identified the problem (Yay!) and are working on the fix for it. I don't have an ETA just yet, but it's on the top of their list.
The battleground and instance matching servers were restarted on VT about 30 minutes ago.
This thread has run its course.
There was a specific outage with instance matching for the battlegrounds not talking with VT last night. We tracked it down and fixed it by restarting the services earlier this morning.
I'm sorry you hit a speedbump with your elite status. There's no system issue that we're aware of, so you'll need to contact CS so they can troubleshoot this for you.
An interruption or problem. Sorry.
I'm currently looking into these new reports. I suggest following this thread for the current updates.
Korah, sending you a PM.
I love the eyes. Very cool!
I poked Wallypark about these and he found an issue, which he's currently working on. I just wanted to keep you up to date.
Looking through this thread, I think everyone's said their piece, and perspectives will not change on this. It's run its course, so I'm locking it down.
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Sorry, Vewdo. I appreciate the question, but I'm not at liberty to talk about that information.
CS posted an update here.
I think this thread has run its course.
Mitsukai123 on 03/20/2013, 06:15 PM - view
Those sure don't sound like maid outfits to me.

I asked about this. Someone, who shall remain nameless, but I can tell you their name sounds like roxxor, admitted under intense interrogation that the maid outfits will fly into the Dream in the first or second week of April. Something about April showers bring maid outfits...

Anyway, that's the latest.
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The popori engineers have been hard at work on the launcher, and they let me take a look at some of their notes. They sounded too good to keep to myself, so I thought I'd share them with you!

New Features
• Deleting the cache on exit
• Form focus brings cursor back to login form if displayed (last selected input field)
• Username remember checkbox (Does anyone want this? -Halrath)
• Graphical clean up (aligning UI elements, etc…)
• Focus starts in the username box if it is not pre-filled, if pre-filled, it starts in the password box
• Implement scroll bar on news/patch notes to handle overflow situations

No firm date on the release, but I thought a bit of news might be welcome.
I think this thread has run its course.
Okay, I'm going to put a stop to this before the hair-pulling starts.

I love cheery endings.
Nicely done, Somentine.

If the guide doesn't resolve your issues, your best bet is to contact customer service so they can troubleshoot your particular case.

Why do we climb it? Because t's there!
Play what you like. You shouldn't have problems finding a place in the ranks, particularly if you know your class, know your fights, etc.
Tokako, I'm sending you a PM.
As this thread is derailed from the original topic, but still very active, I'm going to move it to PVE, since that seems to be the general area of discussion now.
I'll send you both PMs shortly.
Ah, CS informs me that they're working on this issue.
Please keep the remarks clean and constructive.
Wow. Okay. This conversation is heading into fire and blood territory.

We're looking into the crashes right now.
Our CS team is looking into this issue right now.
We're consolidating in this thread.
We're working on this right now. As soon as I have any information to pass on, I will. Please bear with us.
I'll pass along any information I can when I can.
There are several issues at the moment, including the ability to log in. We're aware of it and working as hard as we can to get you back into the game.
Let's keep the conversation civil, please. I know you're frustrated, but snapping at each other won't help.
The operations team informs me that all the servers should be up and the login services returning to normal. You may want to close all the way out (including the launcher) before trying to get back in, but things should be good now.
I'm sorry, DeviDemon. If your character is still affected, you should submit a ticket with CS so they can unlock her.
The servers were NOT brought down for this. The servers crashed, and it looks like the store is unintentionally previewing things.
It'll also be the last.

This guide should help you, and yes, you can transfer to a PVP server.
It's probably not gone for good, but you'll need to file a ticket with customer service to get them restored.
Lagerzero, I sent you a PM.
JDB, I appreciate what you're saying. I understand you're unhappy, and no one is saying you don't have a right to feel frustration or complain.

Unfortunately, this particular change was forced upon us. Minea (who is currently unavailable or she would answer this herself) isn't any happier about it than you, but the rules change is why the deadline was extended.
Hello! Yes, maintenance is complete.

PVE servers are "Player vs. Environment" servers. PVP servers are "Player vs. Player," and involve much more player killing. Same content, but somewhat different focus.

As for your login issue, this guide should be able to get you back into the game.

With the rise in players, we’ve seen a rise in dracoloths around the world of TERA. They’re too big to handle alone, so collect some friendly fighters and head out to find them. They could be anywhere—but they’re dracoloths, so they’re not exactly inconspicuous.

Corpse camping won’t work on these things, though—once they’re down, they’re down for good.

Dracoloth Sovereign Invasion: March 20–24

Location: Wouldn’t you like to know…
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No, sorry.
Okay. Callouts are against the TERA Forum Rules. Even if you link off-site, etc. I'm locking this down.

If this guide doesn't resolve this, I suggest opening a ticket with customer support to get this troubleshot.
Honestly, if the Happy Cloud launcher is not giving you joy, I'd try the direct download.

Please back on topic or this thread gets staked.
It's totally illegal. You are sentenced to DEATH.

Actually, it's cool. It's the real you, doing your thing? We're fine with that. You hook up a HAL9000, though, and we'll have to sit down for a "chat."
Validus, I sent you a PM.
We're sorry you're still experiencing this. I know Treeshark is investigating the cause and working up a solution.
JDB on 03/15/2013, 06:44 PM - view
So if we got permission from the label can we keep our video the way it is. I did the video based on the music I chose.

I'm afraid not. The videos can only use TERA music. Sorry. :(
Blankets posted the current Nexus schedule.
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Send you a PM Jroc2689. Hit me back.
Spamming is against the TERA Forum Rules and is an excellent way to get time off.
This is being taken care of. These aren't the droids you're looking for. Move along, move along.
Aliasse on 03/18/2013, 01:41 PM - view
Korah on 03/18/2013, 12:45 PM
Shouldn't have went on those free tera gold sites.

Doubt this is the case... More or less Enmasse database was hacked... with that the passwords of all the accounts are compromised. Might wanna change ur password.

EME was not hacked. This is an individual account's issue. Since we've helped Jroc2689, I'm locking this down.
Okay. Question asked and answered (Thanks, Treeshark). I don't think anything else will be gained from this.
I'm looking into this.
Sent PMs to Bongwater, Deathlyz, and Alleykat.
Treeshark and his peeps are looking into why they didn't reset. I suggest watching this thread, as that's where he last posted.
It's not just you, but it IS rather random. Would you please file a ticket so that we can look into the specifics of your case?
I don't think this thread has anywhere constructive to go.

Nope. Not allowed. Thanks for alerting us to this.
Okay. I'm putting a stake in this. I promise, you'll see an announcement when these become available. Until then, let's just kill BAMs and stuff.

Fyna, this guide might help you resolve the problem.
Duplicate thread.

Treeshark fired up the nexus for 8pm Pacific on TR.
But as the TERA Forum Rules state, that's a no-no. The information is out there, new players will find it.

As the forum rules against necromancy were already posted, I will not do so again, but please bear them in mind. Necro bad.

This thread has gotten way out of line. Locking it down.
Locking down duplicate thread.
I got in there once. Played blackjack all night with this guy named Jonah...
It won't be on the forums because...security. I'll send you a PM.
Those servers have never had transfers available to them. We'll open up transfers in the future.
Hey, guys. This troubleshooting guide might help sort your launcher issues out.
Does this need a lock? Seems like it needs a lock. Keep it clean or I'll stake this on my next visit.
Slickidiot, I checked into this. Sending you a PM.
As noted, there is already a thread on this topic. Please keep the conversation going there.
Not sure what's up with that character, Lusho, but you really do need to contact support. They can get you sorted.
All I can really say is this wasn't a system issue and it's resolved.
Mirtilla on 03/13/2013, 11:53 AM - view
"I'm sorry for your mother's death..."
x celebrates victory

*snorts pop through nose*
As there's already a thread about this, I'm going to redirect the conversation there.
We removed forum signatures for a reason. I won't call them a cancer, per se, but they're not coming back.
When in doubt, don't callout. Report them. We'll take care of it.
Just in case there was any confusion, it IS against the rules to bump posts.
Gorran on 03/08/2013, 10:23 AM - view
I see it's new fashion on forums, posting screenshots of random people killing random people. This is how these forums quality went down after switching to new build and style.

Callout threads/posts are clearly against the TERA Forum Rules. Since people aren't getting the message, some time off from the forums will give them the opportunity to read the rules.

As we're handling, as quoted by CS, "tons of in-game reports," go ahead and use the in-game report button.

And they're dealing with the reported player.
I'm sorry that CS hasn't gotten to your ticket yet, but their ticket queue runneth over. We're handling them as fast as we can, but please be patient with us.
Unfortunately, maintenance was pushed out until Thursday, so the server resets didn't occur. I'm sorry. I'm sure it's frustrating.
Please keep the comments classy and constructive. Personal attacks aren't okay and result in time off.
Our support section has a guide that should help you resolve this.
There are numerous threads on this topic. Let's not start another. Ask your question in there, please.
As noted here, they do reset at 5pm.
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