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If this guide doesn't resolve this, I suggest opening a ticket with customer support to get this troubleshot.
Honestly, if the Happy Cloud launcher is not giving you joy, I'd try the direct download.

Please back on topic or this thread gets staked.
It's totally illegal. You are sentenced to DEATH.

Actually, it's cool. It's the real you, doing your thing? We're fine with that. You hook up a HAL9000, though, and we'll have to sit down for a "chat."
Validus, I sent you a PM.
We're sorry you're still experiencing this. I know Treeshark is investigating the cause and working up a solution.
JDB on 03/15/2013, 06:44 PM - view
So if we got permission from the label can we keep our video the way it is. I did the video based on the music I chose.

I'm afraid not. The videos can only use TERA music. Sorry. :(
Blankets posted the current Nexus schedule.
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Send you a PM Jroc2689. Hit me back.
Spamming is against the TERA Forum Rules and is an excellent way to get time off.
This is being taken care of. These aren't the droids you're looking for. Move along, move along.
Aliasse on 03/18/2013, 01:41 PM - view
Korah on 03/18/2013, 12:45 PM
Shouldn't have went on those free tera gold sites.

Doubt this is the case... More or less Enmasse database was hacked... with that the passwords of all the accounts are compromised. Might wanna change ur password.

EME was not hacked. This is an individual account's issue. Since we've helped Jroc2689, I'm locking this down.
Okay. Question asked and answered (Thanks, Treeshark). I don't think anything else will be gained from this.
I'm looking into this.
Sent PMs to Bongwater, Deathlyz, and Alleykat.
Treeshark and his peeps are looking into why they didn't reset. I suggest watching this thread, as that's where he last posted.
It's not just you, but it IS rather random. Would you please file a ticket so that we can look into the specifics of your case?
I don't think this thread has anywhere constructive to go.

Nope. Not allowed. Thanks for alerting us to this.
Okay. I'm putting a stake in this. I promise, you'll see an announcement when these become available. Until then, let's just kill BAMs and stuff.

Fyna, this guide might help you resolve the problem.
Duplicate thread.

Treeshark fired up the nexus for 8pm Pacific on TR.
But as the TERA Forum Rules state, that's a no-no. The information is out there, new players will find it.

As the forum rules against necromancy were already posted, I will not do so again, but please bear them in mind. Necro bad.

This thread has gotten way out of line. Locking it down.
Locking down duplicate thread.
I got in there once. Played blackjack all night with this guy named Jonah...
It won't be on the forums because...security. I'll send you a PM.
Those servers have never had transfers available to them. We'll open up transfers in the future.
Hey, guys. This troubleshooting guide might help sort your launcher issues out.
Does this need a lock? Seems like it needs a lock. Keep it clean or I'll stake this on my next visit.
Slickidiot, I checked into this. Sending you a PM.
As noted, there is already a thread on this topic. Please keep the conversation going there.
Not sure what's up with that character, Lusho, but you really do need to contact support. They can get you sorted.
All I can really say is this wasn't a system issue and it's resolved.
Mirtilla on 03/13/2013, 11:53 AM - view
"I'm sorry for your mother's death..."
x celebrates victory

*snorts pop through nose*
As there's already a thread about this, I'm going to redirect the conversation there.
We removed forum signatures for a reason. I won't call them a cancer, per se, but they're not coming back.
When in doubt, don't callout. Report them. We'll take care of it.
Just in case there was any confusion, it IS against the rules to bump posts.
Gorran on 03/08/2013, 10:23 AM - view
I see it's new fashion on forums, posting screenshots of random people killing random people. This is how these forums quality went down after switching to new build and style.

Callout threads/posts are clearly against the TERA Forum Rules. Since people aren't getting the message, some time off from the forums will give them the opportunity to read the rules.

As we're handling, as quoted by CS, "tons of in-game reports," go ahead and use the in-game report button.

And they're dealing with the reported player.
I'm sorry that CS hasn't gotten to your ticket yet, but their ticket queue runneth over. We're handling them as fast as we can, but please be patient with us.
Unfortunately, maintenance was pushed out until Thursday, so the server resets didn't occur. I'm sorry. I'm sure it's frustrating.
Please keep the comments classy and constructive. Personal attacks aren't okay and result in time off.
Our support section has a guide that should help you resolve this.
There are numerous threads on this topic. Let's not start another. Ask your question in there, please.
As noted here, they do reset at 5pm.
Sorry this hit your character, Chogy. I'm sure it's frustrating, and I'm sorry the CS team hasn't gotten back to you yet. The good news is Ritsukoa is correct and if all else fails, your character should get freed up by the server reset tomorrow morning. Let me know if it's still a problem at that point.
Definitely don't delete the character. When the servers get reset tomorrow, your character should be available again. If you're still having problems, let me know.
According to the CS team, that issue should be resolved. If you're still encountering it, you should contact customer service.
Old active accounts you can use. If you never actually bought the game, however, you're starting from scratch with a new, free to play account.
Stand by to stand by. New information coming on this.
I'll look into this.
Only you can prevent necro threads.


As Treeshark said here, changes to the Nexus are coming. We don't want them to be a negative experience for anyone, in the nexus or not. We're rolling these out as fast as we can.
Our awesome support section covers this well.

Now staking the necro.
This is so very necro. Stop it.
The necro made me cry.

Moved to Races forum.
Very nice work. Well done.
It is, in fact, for the account mount.
You cannot transfer to or from Lake of Tears at this time. Once the server "grows up" a bit, we'll allow transfers.

I don't have a timeline for that either. Sorry.
We're on it, folks. Sorry about this.
Let's get the servers back up first.
Sorry about the headache, folks. We're on it.
Several servers crashed. Our teams are on it right now. Sorry about the interruption.
The server crashed. We're working to bring them back up right now. Sorry.
MT is one of the servers that crashed. We're working on the issue right now. Sorry about that.
Treeshark worked his magic and scheduled nexuses at 3pm PST for all servers.
Edited by: Halrath almost 2 years ago - Reason: Changed time to 3pm.
Treeshark worked his magic. There will be an extra nexus at 3pm on all servers.
Edited by: Halrath almost 2 years ago - Reason: Time moved from 2pm to 3pm.
Treeshark moved it to accomodate that.
Requires you to follow these steps.
Edited by: Halrath almost 2 years ago - Reason: Updated link at CS request.
This has gotten out of control and isn't appropriate for the forums. Locking this down.
It wasn't an intentional oversight, and I'm sorry for the delay. We're taking care of this right now.
You'll need to close out of the game, close the launcher, and sign all the way back in before it should appear, as that FAQ explained.
There are a number of threads about this topic, so I'm going to lock down this duplicate.
It wasn't around a table. It was around the coffee pot.
MOAR Baraka! W00t! Welcome to TERA. There's a lot of great information in our Player Guides section.
Folks, I'm trying to keep these conversations consolidated, so I'm redirecting this here.
Necro posts are bad. If you have a suggestion to make, post in the Suggestions forum. Petitions are no longer allowed.
Okay. This conversation's not even about the cash shop anymore. I think it has run its course.
Since we're not talking about boots anymore, I'll just put an end to this dramarama.

Whether someone is elite, a founder, or just a new player, reporting them works fine. Please don't post callout threads, though. That isn't acceptable behavior on the TERA forums.
Moved to Art and Media.
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There's already a thread on this.
Sweet. Love to see events like this.
Okay. That'll be the end of personal attacks or that will be the end of this thread. Keep the comments constructive, please.
Who doesn't, really? But let's keep the discussion on-topic, please.
Okay. I'm locking this for now. Treeshark can unlock it if he has new information to present.
This troubleshooting guide may be of some assistance.
Happy to help.
Okay. This thread is now derailed. TERA: Rising is not returning to the subscription model. Don't trust rumors.
Keep the comments clean and constructive, please...
As others have pointed out, this really is a job for customer service. You need to submit a ticket. The forums lack magical interfaces to your inventory.

So, original question asked, answered, and thread derailed, so I'm going to stake this one.

Alaeria, i'm sending you a PM.
Moved to Off-Topic.
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